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Happy Monday! 
I'm really excited to bring another fabulous blogger to your attention. When I came across lovely lady and her blog, I knew I'd found a gem! This Scandinavian girl is a total sweetheart, hilarious, and has lots of great advice and documented adventures being a foreigner living in Los Angeles! I've really enjoyed getting to know her, and I think you'll just love her too! Plus she's from Norway, and we all know that's totally awesome... without further ado, mvv from  Expedition of the Modern Viking Vixen: A Foreigner's Guide to American Survival

 1. What inspired you to blog?
I was getting really frustrated not being able to find answers to my questions about America - other than in long complicated wordy encyclopedias and government pages! It always led me to be more confused.. And after two years of living in this beautiful country I realized that my discoveries might be a help for other foreigners in the US. I've written about everything from beef jerky to college applications to what labor day is about. 

2. What have you learned from blogging, and do you have any tips you'd like to share?
I think it has made me a better writer, or that's not necessarily right... But it has made it easier to communicate my thoughts and experiences with words :) And my vocabulary has definitely expanded! Another thing that came as a huge surprise to me is how many Americans found my little experiences entertaining. And every smile makes me happy <3
Oh and always always ALWAYS spell check your work at least three times. It is so quick to do a mistake.

3. Name 3 places you'd like to visit
Miami, Chicago and Lake Tahoe 

4. Got any beauty secrets? Let's hear em!
Lots of fresh air and water! Hah! To be honest I really don't know.. Or actually, yogurt is an excellent facemask. And banana does wonders for your hair :) 

5. Who has been a role model to you and why?
I have a bunch of role models! Family, friends, people from all over. I love meeting people and hear their stories. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin, is one of my bigger role models. Without even gone to college he has been super successful. I think he is awesome! I love how he is always working on new projects with a huge smile and a rock star attitude! And that he has given back so much to the community. 

 6. What's your favorite quote?I love reading new quotes, and have over the years written down quite a few. So this a tough question! I think one of my favorite quotes is one by James Dean: Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. 


MJ {The Honeypie Archives} said...

Mmmmm James Dean. Love that quote!
Cute feature Candice. I'd love to hear your answers sometime :)

Candice said...

Me too! :) That's a good idea..I'll have to do that :)

modern viking vixen said...

Thank you! Such nice words about me :)

Taylor said...

Sounds like a cute blog :)

Lei said...

Ooh James Dean! Although.. when I hear the name James Dean, it's James Franco who comes to mind. Still swoon-worthy!

I like your blog! :)

Sarah said...

Such a smart post. I feel like I know her inside out already! :) Noticed her on twitter too. ;) And that is one very brilliant quote!

Thanks for sharing this post & the new blog, Candice! xx

stephanie said...

THis was so interesting to read! I didn't know richard branson didn't go to college!! But I did know that he's super ballin... haha

Flashes of Style said...

Loove the qoute! So powerful. <3

Jenni Austria Germany said...

these are good questions! i love her blog.

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