Lovely Words to Ponder

Since I went to church last night, I woke up and did some baking this was total bliss!
Some online browsing brought me to this beautiful quote by John Wesley, so I thought I'd share it with you. Hope you have a lovely rest of your weekend! 



A Day at the Museum

I love wandering through art galleries admiring the various works done by artists from across the world. This particular one holds beautifully done scenes by Reuben and other talented creative minds from various locations on the globe. There's something humbling about standing next to a work of art that covers an entire wall..what a labor of love! The grounds of the museum are also quite lovely and peaceful. Let's take a walk through, shall we?

What fun to take time to appreciate the creative outpourings of others! 
Take the opportunity to explore an art gallery if there's one close to you; it is so relaxing, inspiring and entertaining. 

(P.S. I loved reading all of the things you all carry in your purses; what fun! It seems as though many of us could easily swap handbags for a day and not miss a thing!!)

Have a splendid day! 




What's In My Bag?

I love love love handbags, and after looking in my closet, I think you'd come to the same conclusion. From the large totes to small vintage clutches, the shape and size may change, but I have some essentials that are always along for the ride. Take a look!

Sunglasses: Since it's pretty sunny where I live, I try to keep a pair of sunglasses in the couple of bags that i use the most. Sometimes they go sans case because of purse size or some great organizational skills, but they are definitely a must have for me! Aren't these heart shaped frames just charming? When they are on, it's not as obvious of a shape, but I think it's such a lovely touch!

Lip Gloss and Such: Ok, I'll admit, I'm a lip product fanatic. I typically like to have a couple of things with me because I'll usually layer the products. My current love is the Smith's Rosebud Salve; if you haven't tried it, you need to! It's so smooth and makes your lips feel wonderful. If there's one thing besides mascara that could be a stand-alone product, I'd say it is lip color. Lots of people shy away from a lipstick because they're afraid of bold and bright, but I've found that this pretty pink is perfect for making you look awake and pretty. (Maybelline's Pink Me Up) 
I recently received the Mark. Juice Gems lip gloss (in Fig) in a giveaway from the beautiful Emily, and I've been using it quite often as it's the perfect shade to swipe on over my lip color. 

Ipod: Well, I've gotta have my tunes to workout with or listen to while I'm waiting for an appointment. 

Blotting Sheets: If you have oily skin, these will be your lifesaver. I remember my friends and I carrying them around all the time when we were in high school, and all of us going to touch up our makeup after lunch. The best thing about these is that they won't remove your makeup in the process, score! 

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel: When you're out to lunch after some shopping, sometimes a bathroom is not so accessible, so you can whip out your delicious smelling anti-bac and toss your worries of illness to the wind. 

Mints and Pens: Please tell me you carry these with you all the time...My pen or pencil seems to become quite the elusive creature when I need it most! Mints are the fastest way to make friends..especially on airplanes. 

Hairclips: These little jaw clips are the best for an instant hair fix. I like the smaller ones, but I know they come in multiple sizes for your hairstyling needs. 

Wallet and Phone: The importance of these items is well understood, I think.  :)

I think it's interesting to see what people carry around all the time. So, what are some of your essentials? Perhaps we share some favorites? Let me know!




Friend Feature: Tutus and Tea

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know about a lovely blog belonging to my friend Shelby. She's a dancer for the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen and has the cooking skill of Julia Childs. Her blog was recently featured as one of Dance Advantage's Reader's Choice Top 10 Blogs! Each post is filled with lovely photos featuring twirling wisps of colorful costumes, delightful culinary creations baked to perfection, and the sweet writings of a beautiful person. I've been privileged to have known Shelby since we were quite small, and it's been such fun to follow her life experiences. I think you'll all love her charming posts about life overseas and the ballet world, so go ahead and enjoy!




Memories of a Winter Walk

I'm visiting a friend of mine who lives in the mountains and another of my best friends is here with us as well for the weekend..I love seeing these girls because it always seems as though we live as close as next door neighbors even though we get to see each other maybe once or twice a year.

We got up and went for a morning walk after breakfast, and the roads were sparkling with soft snow as the sunlight made its debut for the day. Coming from a warmer climate, I'm always a big fan of playing in the snow. Here's a few snapshots from our morning adventure.

It's always a blessing to spend time with wonderful people like J and L. We've had such fun talking, enjoying wonderful homemade waffles made by the lovely J, catching up on each other's lives and enjoying the beauty of the mountains around us. 
Hope you're enjoying your weekend, wherever you are!!

Blessings and memories with friends,


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