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Fall In Full Bloom

I've professed my love for fall florals, but this top was a bit of a departure from my normal picks. I was drawn to the interesting neckline and adorable button detail along the neck and sleeves. The choker trend has been everywhere, and while I cannot seem to bring myself to purchase one, this top seems to give the same look! (I also love this version!) With the sweet florals, edgy detail, and classic accessories like suede pumps and a leather handbag, this outfit has swiftly made it's way to one of my favorites to reach for this season!

Fall Favorites

Fall is such a fun time of year! It brings to mind the coziest spaces, softest fabrics, rich and warm colors, spiced lattes, cooler weather, and pumpkin everything. I'm often asked about my favorite things---whether that be a go-to outfit, favorite candle, party essentials, makeup item, etc., so I've compiled a list of my most-requested favorites (as of late), that are my absolute go-to's this season. 

For the Home: 

1. Candle 
I love making my space feel warm and inviting, and there's no better way to add a bit of ambiance than with a softly flickering candle. This one has been my tried-and-true, absolute favorite for the autumn season, but I've also discovered this pumpkin version recently and love the way it smells! 

2. Treat
Baking is such a fun fall activity, and I cannot say enough about how ridiculously delicious the Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread & Muffin mix is! If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, I highly suggest picking this up on your next trip (along with a pretty bunch of seasonal flowers). Bonus tip: To make it extra delicious, add in a cup of applesauce...crazy good! I like to stock up on boxes of this so I can make an extra loaf for entertaining. 

For the Closet:

1. Sweater
Ok, I have to admit it...I absolutely love cashmere sweaters. They are just so beautiful, soft, and oh so luxuriously warm during chilly days. While it may seem like a steep price point, these are gorgeous investment pieces that you'll reach for year after year. My suggestion is to choose a classic style in a color that will pair well with most items in your closet. The detailing and simple open structure of this one is really pretty! Also, here's an option that is under $60! Remember, with any sweater, it's usually best to fold, rather than hang them in the closet, so they keep their shape!

2. Scarf
Blanket scarves are the most fun, snuggly, and comfortable fall accessory. The plaid variations have made their rounds over the years, and I have seen all kinds of pretty color combinations this season. To style it, I'd suggest tossing it on with a solid dress, ankle boots, and tights, or over a jewel-toned tunic and skinnies with a pair of loafers or lace-up flats. Here's a classic plaid, this version is almost exactly like the one I'm wearing in the photo, and I love the colors in this pretty one

For the Makeup Bag:

1. Lip color
Out of all makeup products, I end up collecting lip colors more than anything else. I love how a simple swipe of color can completely transform a look, and it's easy to experiment with trends this way. Instead of the classic pinks and peaches that usually find their way into my bag, it is fun to add in a cranberry, mauve, or even wine-colored shade. Depending on your preferred finish, there's many available options, but I tend to reach for a more matte or subtle gloss look. Currently, I've been loving this gorgeous shade for everyday. Also, if you're a mauve kinda gal, this liquid lipstick and this gloss/lipcolor are both budget-friendly and beautiful for fall. I keep those in my everyday bag.

2. Nail color
Fall is the perfect opportunity to play with some great colors on your nails. I've been wearing both this pretty plum, and this gorgeous beige/gray hue a lot this season. I'm also loving this burgundy wine shade. Oh, and don't forget the perfect finishing touch...a shiny top coat! This is, hands down, the best, quickest-drying, shiniest top coat. Trust me, once you try it, nothing else compares.

Well, there you have it! These are just a few of the items that are topping my list this season! Any other 'favorites' you're interested in? What are some of your favorite things? I'm always looking for good suggestions!

Lace Dress & Ankle Boots

(Dress, Boots (also love this color), Hat, Bag, similar Necklace)

Happy October! It's been so warm here, so typical fall clothing is kinda out of the question at the moment. One of the ways I enjoy dressing for this season, keeping the humidity in mind, is to pair fall-inspired dresses with ankle boots. This pretty, drop-waisted lace dress is my favorite, as of late, and I styled it with a few fun pieces to make it reflect the trends of the season. Cutout ankle boots and western-inspired handbags are everywhere right now, and nothing says 'fall' more than a floppy felt hat. While I'm usually all about color, this soft neutral color palette is perfect for enjoying the warm, golden-hued days of early fall.

Fall Florals

(Romper -similar, Bag, Necklace, Shoes-similar, Watch, Earrings-similar)

Fall is officially here, friends! It's a little hard to dive right into the sweaters and scarves when it's still close to 90 degrees around here, so I'm enjoying the darker floral prints, jewel tones, and ankle boots until we finally get some cooler weather. I wore this feminine look to a friend's bridal shower the other day, and loved how comfortable this romper turned out to be! To avoid making this look too dark for our current summer temps, I paired it with some lighter, more neutral accessories; however, this piece could easily transition into the fall season by swapping out the bag for something darker and adding tights. Restyling can be so much fun!  What are your favorite pieces this fall? 

Easy Fall Outfit

 As fall approaches, it's hard to say goodbye to the beautiful colors and prints of summer, especially when it's still so warm around here. This gorgeous silky dress is the perfect way to give a nod to the darker hues of autumn while still enjoying the playful cold-shoulder detail and leafy print. You could even style it with some tights and cute boots when the weather cools down. Also, when I learned that this was named the 'Candice' dress, I knew it was a must-have...I mean really, it's meant to be, right? Fun, flattering, and fabulous, this beauty needs to be a part of your fall transition wardrobe. You'll love her as much as I do! ;)

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Enthusiasm is contagious! Have you ever been around someone who was genuinely excited about something? Their energy is absolutely magnetic! I love investing time around people who are passionate about something and enjoying their lives to the full. Need a little boost of enthusiasm in your life? Here's a few steps to get you going in the right direction!

10 Steps For Developing Enthusiasm
1. To be enthusiastic, you have to act enthusiastically. 

2. As much as possible, avoid people who are negative thinkers.

3. Have a healthy attitude toward problems. 

4. Realize that every adversity can be an opportunity. 

5. When something is done, forget it. 

6. Keep everything in perspective. 

7. Look for new goals to set. 

8. Be confident. 

9. Care for your health. 

10. Smile. 

A Shift In Season & Perspective

Happy Labor Day and long weekend, friends! I hope you're enjoying some fun, sunshine, and time with good friends and family! For many, this is the wrap up of summer's golden glow and the official arrival of the fall transition. It will still be awhile until things cool down around here, but I have to say that I do love the way that the afternoon light has started to grow increasingly moody and rich as we move toward autumn. Every season has its beauty; the challenge for us is to go out looking for those beautiful details and moments. In my opinion, that's the way that life is too, isn't it? Each season of life brings changes, shifts in perspective, challenges, accomplishments, and lessons; however, each one also possesses a beauty that we must seek out. I often ask myself the question, 'Are you looking for the beauty in your current life season?' I have to remind myself to be conscious of that because life has a way of hurrying us along, wishing for better things ahead. Don't rush ahead and miss it. Enjoy and embrace the beauty of this season, this moment...we only have it for right now. 

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