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Island Inspired

Happy first day of spring! This is one of the most lovely times of the year, and I couldn't help but spend the majority of the weekend outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We spent an afternoon (or two!) at the beach soaking up the sunshine and exploring the shell roads that open up to beautiful ocean views. This time of year makes me want to wear all things island-inspired, and when I saw this dress, I fell in love with the beautiful tropical print. The fit is fantastic, and the pretty, low-back detail makes it special. It's lightweight (great for the warm days and nights) and versatile. You could definitely dress it up for a evening out or wedding season, and it's great for brunch on the weekend. You can bet this one will be coming with me on my next island adventure!

Are You Teachable?

One of the most interesting and challenging questions to ask yourself is that of "Am I teachable?" The initial reaction for many of us is most likely, "yes, of course!", but are you really? Are you willing to learn from others...even from those we don't agree with or situations that are challenging or uncomfortable?

The teachable spirit requires patience. A teachable spirit says, 'Every experience and person has something to teach me." This idea is incredibly freeing as you no longer have to try to be the authority on absolutely everything in life. Go ahead, Breathe a sigh of relief, whew! Now, this does not mean that you take everything as fact or listen to every opinion as equally important; however, it is an opportunity to see situations as something that can change us into better people if we allow it do so. Sometimes the most trying individuals or challenges we face in life can bring about the greatest lessons or reveal to us new abilities, levels of patience, or even a belief about ourselves that had been previously holding us back from greatness. While it is easy to say we're teachable, it is another thing to really live that way. How many times have we closed ourselves off from opportunity simply because we thought we knew better or we wanted to take the path of least resistance? I challenge you to allow yourself to be patient, learn from others, keep an open mind for possibilities and lessons, and watch your impact and success soar.

In the Moment

"So what does it matter in the moment?" We often ask ourselves questions like this, thinking that the little things don't seem to mean that much in the grand scheme of life. It's easy to rationalize things to become seemingly insignificant, but in actuality, every moment matters. Life is comprised of little moments strung together. Some of the happiest and most joyful memories are created in the shortest flickers of time.

When we look at what separates the winners from the losers, the successful from the unsuccessful, it comes down to a small margin of differentiation. Upon further examination, we can trace that back to the habits (read more about habits here) and seemingly small decisions made day in and day out. You see, success is not necessarily about large quantum leaps but rather the consistent compounding of choices over time.
Consequently, the chasm between you and your goals is made up of tons of tiny steps, one foot after another, series of intentional decisions. What is simple and easy to do is also easy not to do. It is easy to get up and exercise and it is just as easy to sleep in. It is easy to read books that will expand your thinking and it is just as easy to mindlessly scroll on social media. It is the simple, positive decisions that make the biggest difference. Easy to do, easy not to do. The choice is always yours...and so are the results. Remember, every moment matters.

Peach Perfect

| dress | shoes | bag | sunglasses

As the days continue to get increasingly warmer, I usually reach for an easy, lightweight dress. It's one of those pieces that looks put-together without being too fussy or uncomfortable. This pretty peach gingham print is perfect for spring and makes me think of late afternoon picnics out on the lawn (with plenty of good food and finding shapes in the clouds, of course!) or a day spent at the polo fields watching a match. I love taking the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather whenever possible, and both activities are some of my favorites during the springtime! Speaking of favorites, I've mentioned before how much fun it is to design and customize pieces from Eshakti, like this one I'm wearing. One thing I've learned from working in the fashion industry is that little details count; a neckline, hemline length, or special seam can make such a difference in a garment and that's all part of the design process that you are able to be creative with. I loved being able to choose the length, neckline, and little details like adding pockets to this dress (because every good dress should have pockets!) to make it just how I wanted! With that said, I'm looking forward to more sunny days and occasions to style this custom piece throughout the season. 

Thanks to Eshakti for partnering on this post. 

Worth It

At this point in the year many people start to waver when it comes to upholding their 'resolutions' or goals. One of the questions I often ask myself, sometimes repeatedly, is that of, "Is it worth it?" The truth is, goals require a lot of us...including time, habits, relationships, and sacrifice. We always give up something of comfort to see an increase in success or to accomplish a breakthrough. 

What makes a seemingly stunning "overnight success" is really the result of consistent, deliberate, self-sacrificing, hard work. I'm often reminded of the fact that the things we train for in the dark produce the success that comes in the light. There's a commercial Michael Phelps did with Under Armour that beautifully illustrates this concept. (Watch it here.) His incredible success was not simply achieved by talent alone; it is the result of hard, driving, often uncomfortably challenging work. We'd all like to just experience achievement without going through challenges, but challenges are what create true character. Anyone can put forth some effort when success comes, but how many will put in the long hours of hard work away from the spotlights and cheering crowds? Not many people are willing to withstand the challenges of the usually "unseen" darkness in order to get to the light, but when the answer to that question of worth is 'yes', it's time to get up and get moving. 

How do you know if it's worth it? 

Here's a few thoughts that will help you to evaluate the goal:

1. What are my values? Does the goal align with them?
2. What is the investment of time required? 
3. What actions will be required?
4. Am I willing to pay the price and sacrifice what is necessary to reach the goal?

Something to keep in mind is that it's ok for priorities to change, midcourse corrections to be made, and for your answer to the question of, 'Is it worth it?' to be 'no' at times. When you answer those questions that determine a goal's worth, or the price you must pay for it's achievement, sometimes you will need to part ways with a project, a prior goal, or even a relationship that will not get you to where you really want to be. Is this easy? No way. Is it wise? Definitely, if the goal is worthwhile to you. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is worth pursuing and what should be edited from your habits or lifestyle in order to get to your goals. Excuses are a dime a dozen, but for those who persevere, leaving the darkness behind and stepping into the light, the sacrifice is truly worth it

Palm Prints & Pastels

Palm prints are my absolute favorite. I love all things tropical, and the swaying palms remind me of some of my trips to the islands. (I've got my eye on this cute romper and swimsuit too!) Wrap dresses are definitely having a moment again (did they ever really go out??), and it's a silhouette that's very flattering on just about every woman. I'll definitely be wearing this piece throughout the season. Spring brings out the softest breezes and days filled with sunshine, so a stroll through the gardens admiring the pretty blooms, ocean views, and stately trees was the perfect way to end the weekend! 

p.s. It's Valentine's week! Be sure to let those you love and appreciate know how much they mean to you! This holiday isn't just for those with significant others; it's always a good idea to let someone know how much you care! Whether it's a gift, coffee, flowers, or even just a simple call or text to say 'I appreciate you!', I challenge you to share a little love with those around you. 

Pink Lace

It's no secret that I love to dress up, and this pretty pink lace number is just begging to be worn for Valentine's Day and throughout spring in general! Sometimes a color can be just as much of a statement as the design and detail. The swingy style pairs beautifully with simple, neutral accessories and sparkling earrings. Speaking of Valentine's Day, I've linked a few of my favorite gift ideas for her (hint hint, gentlemen) that would be perfect to give a girlfriend, gal pal, or yourself (that's allowed too)! :)

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