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Ok, it's officially fall, so it's time to bring out all the autumn decor, light the fall candles, and wear all the cozy sweaters (with the AC cranked down really low so it's actually cool enough). While I'm waiting for the weather to get the 'fall' memo, I'm enjoying quite a few other autumn-inspired finds that don't necessarily require a drop in temperature.

For the Home: It's no secret that I enjoy having a candle burning in the home, especially as we move toward the fall and winter months. There's something so cozy about a flickering flame and the sweet scent of the season's essence. I was a longtime fan of the Leaves candle from BBW, but I found this pumpkin one from Sand & Fog recently, and I'm absolutely hooked. It's a soy blend which is less heady than most (read: won't give you a headache), and the scent is festive without being overpowering. Also, during the fall season, I enjoy adding a few cozy blankets to my room, and this cozy piece would look so snuggly on the end of the bed, draped on the back of a reading chair, or simply folded in a basket with a pair of slippers, and a couple of good books. One other way that I love to introduce an autumn feel to the house is through a beautiful bouquet of fresh fall florals. I'm inspired by this gorgeous little set-up.

For the Kitchen: It wouldn't be a seasonal edit without some divine autumn-inspired recipes. Here's a couple that are tried and true faves as well as a few I'm planning to test out this season!
Creamy Butternut Squash Soup
Pumpkin Bread w/Cream Cheese Filling
Roasted Apple & Brie Grilled Cheese
Soft & Chewy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the Closet: Fall fashion has always been a bit of a challenge to wear around here, simply due to the heat, but I do appreciate a good knit sweater, a dash of animal print, or a well-styled boot. I usually choose to invest in classic autumn pieces that can be worn year after year, especially when it comes to cashmere, handbags, and shoes. It's fun to pick up a few trendy items, but since I don't have a big window of time to wear these looks, I try to avoid purchasing too much of that. Here's a couple playful and wearable picks for this season!


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