5 Fall Essentials

When thinking of a few key pieces for fall, it can be a somewhat overwhelming task to try and incorporate all the latest trends and looks, and with things constantly changing, it just seems best to take the classics and update them with a fresh look for this season. 

So, here's my top picks for fall's closet essentials. 

Blazer: A great fitting blazer is truly a staple. When thrown over a dress it adds a menswear appeal, and can be paired with jeans and a tee for errand running or a coffee date. Choose one that has a bit of a tailored waist to define and shape your middle. For curvier girls, a boyfriend blazer skims and slims your shape, just make sure that the sleeves are on the slim fitting side so things don't look sloppy. 

Boots: As soon as the first bit of crisp air arrives, it's time to bring out this season's favorite footwear. From ankle length to over the knee, there are oh so many options to choose from. Play around with color and heel height to create all kinds of fun looks. 

Colored Pants: Yes, this trend has been hanging out with us since spring, but it waltzes nicely into fall with a more muted and classy feel as colors change from summer's neon brights to rich shades of bordeaux, burgundy, plum, cobalt and deep green. If the bright hues of seasons past were too risky to try, this is the time to embrace the color trend...it's a fun departure from your classic jean. 

Handbag: Let's be honest, it's so much fun to get a new handbag for a new season, or to pull out the one you've been waiting to use since last year. A cross-body bag is a hands free option that is both fun and functional, especially when you're trying to hold multiple pumpkin spice lattes. Choose a bright shade, a classic black or cognac, or even a pretty pastel. There's no rules for what colors are off limits this season!

Scarf: This is a small accessory that makes a big statement. If you're ever crunched for time, and at a loss of what to wear, throw a pretty scarf over a plain top and pair with tailored jeans or cropped black pants..voila, instant outfit. Wrap a black top with a leopard print, try your cute infinity scarf with a dress and tights...here's your chance to experiment. Who says black scarves are the only option?

What will you be wearing this fall? 


Styled: Ankle Boots

(Top: LOFT (old), Shorts: H&M, Tights: TJMaxx, Boots: CottonOn, Necklace: Juicy Couture)

I love the look of a thick tweed short paired with tights, especially in such a fun plum color! To keep the look soft, I paired the shorts with a pale pink button blouse. Some simple accessories like a long gold necklace and pearl earrings look fresh and pretty but don't distract. --C

(Sweater: F21, Jeans: F21, Necklace: Juicy Couture, Earrings: Kate Spade, Clutch: Thrifted, Boots: CottonOn)

I wanted to work with the balance of volume for this look. A oversized comfy sweater in a chunky knit stripe looks great when paired with a dark wash skinny jean. Sparkling jewels and a gold clutch are the finishing touches that make this outfit perfect for coffee dates or an early dinner with friends. --L


Wordless Wednesday


Trending: Hi-Low

As a fashion enthusiast, I'm always looking to see how I can incorporate the latest trends into my outfits while still remaining true to my own personal style. Ariel has a similar take on fashion and always looks absolutely adorable in all of her fashion posts. Today she's chatting about the latest and very wearable trend in skirts & dresses! Enjoy! -C
Hey, I’m Ariel over at On A Whim! I am so excited to be guest posting on Candice’s adorable blog today. She always puts together the cutest outfits and I love reading her weekly fashion posts.

With that in mind,

Let’s talk fashion. The Hi-Low trend in particular. 

I’ve never been a huge fan of this trend. It’s kind of like a dress with a beaver tail on it. In the Victorian era, the dress was actually nicknamed the “fishtail”. 

However, since the trend first became popular, it has definitely grown on me. It adds so much dimension to an outfit and creates a look that is right in between casual and formal. 

Here is one that I found at one of my favorite thrift stores. It has become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I chose to pair it with a solid black sweater to make the look a little more casual but easy to remove for a more elegant look.

Thanks so much for having me Candice! Again, I love hearing your fashion tips and had so much fun sharing a few of mine!

Will you rock a hi-low skirt? 


Chambray, 3 Ways

One of the best ways to maximize your wardrobe is to re-imagine pieces you already own. I like to try and create three outfits with a particular piece, which makes getting dressed oh so simple! Today, my sister & I styled a classic, chambray shirt a few different ways..taking you from a girls night out to a casual day of classes. 

(Top: TJMaxx, Skirt: F21, Shoes: Pour la Victoire, Clutch: Ulta, Necklace: Dillards)
Denim gets a glamorous update when paired with a chantilly lace skirt in shades of onyx and blush. A few pleats and a delicate inky ruffle peeking out from underneath balance the utility feel of the chambray. To continue the feminine feel of the outfit, I chose a pair of jet black suede pumps and a sparkling statement necklace. For a night out, I'd rather not take a big bag, so a metallic clutch in a muted gold is understated yet still very chic. 
(Top: F21, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Toms, Necklace: Anna & Ava, Earrings: Kate Spade)
Denim on denim is one of the hot trends for fall; however, it tends to be a tricky one to pull off. I have found that the easiest way to wear this style is to play with opposites. For this look I put together a casual light wash chambray shirt with tailored and sleek dark wash skinny jeans. By using fitted pants with a looser top, you can achieve a nice balance, and the contrast between dark and light, tones down the denim on denim effect. To add length to the silhouette, I added dark wedges, and to finish off the look, I wore a white gem statement necklace, sparkling earrings,  and a chic and easy ponytail. 

(Top: TJMaxx, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Pour la Victoire, Necklace: F21, Bag: Steve Madden)
Printed pants have been everywhere this season, and to be honest, I've been a little wary of the trend until I found this cute, cropped pair at H&M. The print is just right and the burgundy color is so of the moment. This outfit is so simple; however, the details look thoughtful, making it the perfect outfit to choose when you're crunched for time. When worn with the chambray top and a patent cross-body bag, you're ready for a trip to the museum, brunch or a day of classes. 

Simply Styled

I'm so excited about the fun week of fashion ahead! Stay tuned for some fabulous tips, fall trends, and how-to ideas for dressing this season. If you have any fashion questions you'd like answered, tweet to me @Candiceelaineh using the tag #simplystyled and let's chat! 


What's Your Cup of Tea?

From the title of my blog you can tell that tea & teatime are some of my favorite things. So much laughter, many secrets, celebrations, wisdom and memories have been shared over cups of tea with friends. Chantal shares the same love for tea, and has some wonderful thoughts about purpose, relationships and the perfect cup of tea..read on!

As we sipped our tea I thought to myself “I could do this for the rest of my life”. Somehow some way I have turned my love for tea as a way of pouring into, getting to know and encouraging girls on the college campus I attend. One tea cup at a time I find myself falling deeper in love with ministry to girls. Some quick background on me I have a huge heart for women’s ministry. My passion is for young women to be sexually whole and pure. I feel strongly the Lord calling me to the fight against sex trafficking. My heart beats to see young women set free!! It is so easy to look at the big picture and forget about the hurting girl’s right where I am. My tea cups keep me grounded. 

It started with one girl, “let’s have a tea date!” I said to her. This tea date for two turned into a tea party for four and it was absolutely lovely. This led to many tea dates being set-up, tea dates planned and tea dates to come. God is so awesome and so cool that He allows me to use something so simple as tea to connect with and build up His daughters.

What’s your cup of tea?

We all have passions, goals, and dreams we hope to reach. Why does your heart beat? What is that injustice or that problem in the world for which you desire change? It is so easy to get caught up in the big battles that we neglect the small battles in everyday life. Maybe you desire to end hunger and poverty, don’t neglect the homeless and hungry in your neighborhood/town. Maybe you desire to build schools in countries where many children don’t get to go to school, don’t neglect the children in your neighborhood/town that struggle in school everyday because they don’t understand. What are the smaller scale battles within your reach today? Really think about that, this is huge! Now I ask again, what’s your cup of tea? For me tea is my small way of connecting with girls in my reach. Maybe running is yours? Maybe you love to run and there are some girls you can run with in your school. Maybe it’s cooking; you could host recipe parties monthly. Whatever your “cup of tea” may be my prayer is that you get busy doing it. My hope is that you began to impact those in your reach. I feel like tea is such a small way to connect with someone but to the girls I meet with it really means a lot to them, my cup of tea makes their day. Don’t ever think that small gestures of kindness don’t mean the world to someone … they do! 


Coffee Talk: Ameera

I'm starting a new monthly series called Coffee Talk where you and I can discuss life, be real, and share whatever is on your mind..whether this is a Q&A chat time like this one, a sharing of your heart or current favorite lip color..let's chat! 

If you'd like to be featured in next month's post, send me an email via my contact page with "Coffee Talk" in the subject line, and we'll talk! :)
But for now, I'm sipping a latte and chatting with Ameera, a world-traveling, adventurous and fun-loving girl! 

1. What got you into blogging?
My sweet friend Annie. I've started and stopped about 3 different blogs until I figured out The Wandering Theologian is where I wanted to make a blogging home. The biggest draw for me was the community Annie found. She was connecting with amazing women of God all over the blogosphere and it excited me. I started reading (and maybe stalking a little bit) other people's blogs, especially girls who had established a place in the blogging world. I gleaned different ideas and started to figure out how I would enter/join this community. After graduating from college I finally found the time and energy to start and 3 1/2 months later and here I am.

2. Give two pieces of advice to your younger self
Number 1- Stop worrying about the future. Enjoy the time you have right now with the people who are here right now.

Number 2- Start appreciating your mom. It seems like she doesn't understand you right now but her wisdom is priceless. 

3. Name three places you want to visit
Australia, India, Egypt (there are a ton more but if I had to narrow it down to three…)

4. What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own?
I actually just bought this gorgeous maxi dress from a store at the local mall. I don't have a picture of it yet :) I can't tell you how happy it made me when maxi dresses came back in style. They're perfect over here with a cardigan, bolero or shrug. 

5. What are 3 things you want to do in your lifetime?
Visit the Hagia Sophia. I'm not sure there's another place in the world that displays Muslim and Christian history so beautifully.

Be in a flash mob. I'm a really bad dancer but if I was part of a larger group I don't think I would be as self-conscious.

See a World Cup Football Match. I'm obsessed with football, soccer for all you Americans ;), and if I'm still in the Arabian Peninsula in 10 years I might be able to go to the one in Qatar.

6. Two characteristics you look for in the opposite sex
Strength, I want to feel like someone can protect me from the world when everything feels like too much.

But not too strong to cry, I've learned the hard way that hiding emotions is a dangerous path that can destroy relationships.

7. What have you learned from living overseas?
It's hard. No matter how adventurous you are, how much you love other cultures or how many intercultural communication classes you've taken it's a difficult transition. At the same time it's absolutely amazing. It teaches you a whole new perspective on everything in life. A new way to look at friendships. A new to look at teaching. A new way to look at God. You learn how to live life differently. And no matter how many lessons you teach you will always walk away having learned more than you could ever teach your students. 

8. What makes you feel closest to God?
Music. There is something about playing an instrument or singing to praise God that doesn't happen in other forms of worship. It involves the mind, body and soul in an overwhelming harmony, drawing you to the throne of Abba Father. When praise music starts playing it doesn't matter how I feel because it instantly connects me to the heavenly worship occurring right now, giving me a small taste of eternity.


Wordless Wednesday


Creating A Sanctuary For Your Soul

I'm so excited about this fabulous guest post from Gennean! Not only is she a talented communicator, her thoughts and musings on faith and life are always so inspiring. She's got a few great things to say about creating a place for your soul to find rest...something I think we could all use a little more of! Enjoy!--C

I have exciting news: I just recently moved into my own room, y'all!  Okay, so maybe that doesn't sound like a big deal, but after living in dorm rooms for 3+ years and moving around every summer, I am excited to have now "settled down" at my friends house where I live (and pay rent).  Once I found out that I was going to have a real room of my own - which I haven't had in years - I knew that, for the sake of my soul, I needed it to be a place of rest, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

So let's talk a little bit about my room.  I love it.  So much.  Now that I work two jobs and am gone a lot, I find myself appreciating coming home and retiring to my room to relax so much more than ever before!  I had the opportunity to design my room, so I chose to go to IKEA for my furniture needs.  I decided to go for a clean, sleek look with all white to make the room look both bigger and brighter.

My "reading nook" is one of my favorite places in my room.  The bookshelf is full of books, old journals, my study Bible, coffee mugs and mason jars (which I seem to have collected a lot of), camera equipment, and some special recognitions.  Then there is the chair... let's talk about that chair.  I absolutely love it and the time that I spend nestled in it.  In the morning, you can find me there reading my devotionals and praying, and my nights are spent there with whatever books I'm reading at the time (which currently include As Sure as the Dawn [just finished it and cried my eyes out], 1000 Gifts, Kisses from Katie, The Furious Longing of God).

My desk area is another favorite spot.  The desk itself is small and simple, and it serves its purpose perfectly as it is where I plop down to write, blog, study, and journal.  The Scripture prints above my desk are from Naptime Diaries, and I absolutely love them.  They keep me focused on trusting in, leaning on, and serving the Lord in everything that I do.

Then there's my bed.  Oh, glorious bed of mine, how I love thee!  But seriously,  it's amazing.  I have never had a bed bigger than a twin (and I honestly would have been fine with a twin), so this is quite the treat for little old me.  I love sprawling out on in and constantly find myself thanking God for such a bed to sleep in each night!  It also provides great access to roof, which I sometimes sneak onto to watch the sunset, write, or pray.

All that to say, when I walk into my room, I breathe in a sigh of relief.  No matter how awesome, crazy, or difficult my day has been, coming to this sacred place puts my soul at ease and fills my heart with joy.  And I am convinced that that should be true of the place you call home, as well.  The thought of your bedroom being "a sanctuary for your soul" might sound weird, but I have no doubt that your soul could benefit with a bit more rest.

For some reason, our culture thrives on being busy.  And we fall into that so easily, over-scheduling our lives and over-committing our time.  Yes, we should seek to be responsible through working, serving, and spending time with others.  But if there is one thing that God has impressed on my heart in the last few months more than ever before it is the need to be still and refresh my soul in the outpouring of His love.  My room as become the place in which I can do just that: allow my heart to be still in His presence, allow my mind to be filled with good things inspired by Him, and allow my body to rest in His peace.

I challenge you, dear friends, to do the same.  Rearrange, redecorate, simplify... do whatever you deem necessary to make your bedroom a place in which you can relax.  We need to learn to stop the glorification of busy and learn, instead, to just rest in Him.   I hope that your room, too, becomes somewhere that you can walk into and instantly be overcome with the following prayer: "be still, my heart, and find rest in this place."

His and yours,


Coming Up

(Top: TJMaxx, Skirt: c/o Lavish Alice, Shoes: Zara, Photos: Alyssa Shrock Photography)

After keeping up with all of the fun textures, prints and colors strutting down the runway at New York Fashion Week, and getting some emails asking for some how-to tips for simple and effortlessly chic outfits, I put together a mini series to share with you. Starting next week, we'll dive into the tips & tricks of simple and chic style. 

We'll cover all types of topics like creating on trend outfits from things you already own, how to put together looks for different occasions, ideas for maximizing your wardrobe and the top 5 pieces of clothing you should own. It's going to be a great week, and I'd love for you to participate as well! If you have a style question, I'd love for you to send it my way, and I'll answer it in a post that will be included in next week's series! 

Have a fantastic Monday!
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