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Finding Inspiration: Angie

I'm so excited to introduce you all to one of my delightful sponsors, not only is Angie an oh- so- lovely person, she's also from the UK (so cool, right?!). Her blog always has the most lovely of Wales scenery splashed across her posts, which totally makes me want to visit! Whether its because of fashion posts, recipes or just cute snapshots of her little pup Lena, you'll be sure to love her & her blog! --C

Hi everyone! I'm Angie from Peanuts & Pearls, and I am so excited to be guest posting for the lovely Candice today. Her blog is always filled with beautiful and inspiration pictures, that always manage to bring a smile to my face (especially her Wordless Wednesday posts)
So, I decided to create a little picture scrapbook of my own, showing what inspires me on a day to day basis.

~ I always look for quotes that manage to give me a little kick in the right direction if I'm feeling down...

~ Living in Wales, there's always amazing scenery right around the corner...

~ My puppy Lena, who certainly brightens up a dull day...

~ Travelling to different places. We recently spent our honeymoon in Bruges, and it is a magical place...

~ My husband, who is my best friend and someone who wants me to fulfill my dreams...

~ Last, but certainly not least, Audrey Hepburn. Just because...

Thanks again to Candice for having me today!

Angie xx
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How many times have you allowed yourself to dream, and really dream...I mean big dreams, the good ones that scare you because of how great and vast they seem. Those ones that would almost seem impossible, yet still you know somewhere deep down that maybe, just maybe they are accomplishable. You see, those desires, those dreams are stirrings that can be acted upon, not just talked about, and when you begin to do that, you'll see a shift in your life. It's not big changes that we're talking about here, but the subtle things that build over time.

 Often I am reminded of this analogy when I think of the dreams and things I want to accomplish in my life: Day after day sun shines on a seed, the winds blow, the rains fall and it seems from the surface as though nothing is happening, yet deep beneath the soil, that daily pattern is growing the seed. One day the beginnings of a sprout begin to form and it bursts through the surface of the earth, the plant strengthens and continues to flourish until it blossoms and produces the most beautiful flowers or becomes a big, strong tree. How incredible to see such greatness and beauty coming from a small beginning, produced over time because of the seemingly ordinary patterns of daily life. 

Why then, if so many of us have these longings or cravings to accomplish greatness, do so many never achieve it? It is usually because we allow the magnitude of our dreams to overwhelm us, or we simply talk about it, yet never make the small changes that will eventually move us to the direction of our dreams. It's time to allow ourselves to dream without limitations, to move from talking about it, to doing something about it. 
This is your moment to begin. 

Wordless Wednesday


Snapshots of Life Lately Vol. 2

 Here's a few captures as of late.
A quick snap backstage at the fashion show for Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2013 
This is the Harwin dress..isn't she a beauty? Find her here
Blue sky kind of beautiful day..Just love the sound of palms swaying in the wind!
Beachy-inspired hair & makeup for the fashion show

When this is my evening view, what more could I ask for? 

Loving this cute little addition to my room...the question is, where to hang it? 
Hope you're having a great start to your week!

Be Mine, Valentine?

Happy Valentines Day, friends! I know many people have mixed feelings about this day, but it's really all about your attitude..just think, it's socially acceptable today to eat lots of chocolate, wear all the pink, red and frilly things you own, to give friends and yourself a little gift or a card..and for those of you with a special someone, this is your chance to be as cutely romantic as possible without it seeming cheesy ;) 
It's been a tradition of mine to share this little writing I did some years back, and regardless of whether you're in a relationship or single today, hopefully this reminder can ring true for you today also! 

Have a wonderful, LOVE-ly day!

Wordless Wednesday

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