It's Official

Hooray! We are just 5 days away from launch day! Jenni and I are SO excited to be able to share this book with you, and we have committed to a really BIG and important goal for Monday, but the only way we can accomplish it is if we get your help. We invite you to join us as we'll need all hands on deck for this project! Stay tuned for more information on how to help and our cinematic trailer coming soon!

Thanks for sharing our vision and being a part of the dream! 
The countdown begins!


The BIG Reveal

One of the most wonderful moments in life is the place when all your hard work, dedication, discipline, and goals collide, and suddenly you realize that dreams really do come true. It's a magical kind of feeling, one that makes you so happy you want to dance around in circles, jump up and down, and hug the person next to you. I've been keeping a secret, and it's finally time to announce that...

 I wrote my first book with my good friend (and fellow blogger), Jenni Joslyn, and it's going to be available next month! After a year's worth of writing, editing drafts, and putting together the perfect design, it's amazing to say that it's actually a reality. Some time ago I scribbled the goal, "I am a published author", onto a 3x5 card, and kind of forgot about it for a little while. Life happened, and I was focusing my priorities elsewhere. Then, God reminded me of that dream once again, and said, 'it's time', and so the writing process began. When dreams are this big, it takes a team to accomplish it, and I have to say it's been so wonderful to have worked with such an incredible group of people to bring this piece to fruition!
About the Book
Society constantly sends us messages on beauty, relationships, careers, and life choices. With all the pressure on women to live up to media standards, we're left asking, "Can you really have it all?" Join youth mentors and good friends, Candice Henry and Jennifer Joslyn, as they discuss what it means to be young women who follow God's call of leadership in their lives. Candice, a former pageant winner, and Jenni, a former model and actress, know what it's like to live under the expectations of society's standards. They invite you to join the conversation as they share their experiences and secrets to true beauty, finding success, and living a fulfilling life. From Me to You will guide you through a two-week exploration of beauty and body image, careers, relationships, friendships, and other life lessons from a faith-based perspective. Candice and Jenni encourage you to embrace your passion, purpose, and greatness within.

Sharing this with you is a part of living the dream that I've prayed about for so long. I cannot wait for the official release in February, and would absolutely love for you to be a part of our launch team. To join the fun, please send me a note through the contact page with the subject "Launch Team", and I'll get all the information to you about the BIG day!

Thank you for being a part of the dream. Jenni and I look forward to doing life with you through this book! Stay tuned for the official release date, where to purchase, a cinematic trailer, giveaways and more!

Counting Stars

I have always loved the stars. When I was a little girl, my parents bought me a telescope so I could gaze at the sparkling constellations scattered among the inky black sky. Ever since, I've found the night sky to be one of the most beautifully captivating things. Stargazing is a favorite of mine, and I have many fun memories of watching stars with friends. I can recall counting the shooting stars on a summer night, or bundling up in blankets on a soccer field in the early hours of the morning to watch meteor showers, to creating a patchwork of sleeping bags in an open field to watch stars until everyone fell asleep. 

What is it about sparkling stars that intrigues us so?

Weekday Wanderings

I used to do a series on here called Weekend Wanderings where I would compile a bunch of images, links and fun finds on the web for weekend browsing and inspiration. As I was perusing the archives, I was inspired to make another one of those posts, but as it is Monday, and not the weekend, it's Weekday Wanderings--for your enjoyment and inspiration! Enjoy!

3 Ways to Make 2015 Your Best Year Yet

Happy January, everyone! It's a brand new month and a few days into the new year! It's always good to begin a new year with a plan. I'm not one to write out resolutions, but I do like to use the commencement of the year as a calibration point. What is it about new beginnings that always excites us? Perhaps it's the idea that the new year is a clean slate, an open opportunity, or the promise of potential to create it as we want it to become. I love the excitement of a year brimming with adventure and possibilities. With that said, here's a few things I'm keeping in mind for 2015. 

1. Be intentional. 
Distractions come in many forms, sometimes even in things that are inherently good, but challenge yourself to ask the questions that will help you decide if it is really worth your investment of time, resources, or emotions. Too often we can end up focusing on things that really aren't worthwhile, when instead, we should concentrate on what can actually benefit us. Be aware of how you use your time.
2. Choose quality over quantity.
This can be applied to many areas of life (at least for mine!). Instead of purchasing all kinds of things that aren't totally necessary, but were simply an impulse buy, choose to invest in things that will last. Do you really need that sale item? Just because it's a deal doesn't mean it's worth purchasing. The same principle can apply to relationships. Choose to invest your time with people who build you up, add value to your life, and encourage you to become a better person. It can be very easy to stay in a relationship or a friendship just for the sake of comfort, when in actuality, it isn't a healthy or beneficial investment of time and emotion. Instead of having a bunch of acquaintances to do activities with, build strong friendships. It is well worth it. 
3. Push yourself to new limits.
One of the greatest feelings in life is the moment you're able to do something you didn't know or didn't think you could accomplish. A life well-lived means living outside your comfort zone. This year, challenge yourself to conquer a fear, try something you've been meaning to do, or set a new goal to work toward. Every time I have pushed myself to a new limit, the reward was always worth the pain of the hard work or effort that it took to get there. I'm often reminded of this concept when I go running. Each mile that I push through is not always easy, and there are definitely moments of discomfort along the way, but when I complete a run, or hit a new distance, the reward of accomplishment makes up for the process. This year, push through the pain to do something great! 

What ever your goals and plans may be for 2015, I hope that you, too, will think about some ways to make this year your best one yet. It all begins with a choice, and it is certainly one worth choosing. This is your year; make it incredible! 

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