Island Escape

As soon as the sun comes out, and the weather heats up, I'm all for a weekend escape to the beach. The sound of the surf and swaying palms, and the feeling of the warm sun on your skin is the best kind of combination to make you forget all the cares of the week. I love to wander along the shoreline and hop on a bike to explore the little palm-lined streets. There's something to be said about taking a break from the work week to indulge in a little natural beauty. What do you do to get away and recharge?

Average Is Easy

Average is easy. It's not overly hard to achieve the status quo, and the danger lies in staying there, simply because it's comfortable. The problem with staying in the "average zone" is that we never achieve our potential there. You never know what kind of person you could be or what you could accomplish if you only achieve average results. Allowing your mind to dream and your heart to soar means finding the courage to step out in faith. If we listen to the voices around us, there's often a combination of those who want to hold you back, and those who want to see you succeed. The challenge for you and I is to choose who we listen to. Average may be easy, but extraordinary results await the one who has the courage to allow their heart and mind to dream. Refuse to be average. Don't hold yourself back from greatness any longer; pursue the incredible passions and dreams God placed in your heart. When you operate in your areas of strength and passion, you'll find that the results are absolutely incredible. 

If you want to take the next step toward living a life of greatness, I would suggest checking out the book that my good friend Jenni and I wrote together! We share our experience with finding our purpose, following your dreams, real beauty secrets, and other valuable life lessons. 
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5 Ways to Become A More Courageous Person

So last week we talked about courage, and I wanted to continue the conversation with this list I came across in my reading. It's taken from a book by John Maxwell (one of my personal favorites) entitled, Beyond Talent. This list is part of a chapter on how courage amplifies talent, and it is so fitting with what I've been discovering in my own life lately. Hopefully you'll be able to identify with it also.

To become a more courageous person:
1. Look for courage inside, not outside, yourself.

2. Grow in courage by doing the right thing instead of the expedient thing.

3. Take small steps of courage to prepare you for greater ones.

4. Recognize that leadership position won't give you courage, but courage can make you a better leader.

5. Watch your horizons expand with each courageous act.

"The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it's conformity. It's not just enough to believe in something. We need to live for something." --John Maxwell

I hope that whatever you are facing in life, you'll find the courage to do the right thing, and know that courage ultimately leads you to the life you desire.
Have a fantastic week!

Have Courage

Print by Kat Gaskin for PuraVida

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter celebration! It was such fun to invest some time with family, and to celebrate Christ's incredible act of love for us. What a great weekend.
I recently saw the new Cinderella movie, and was inspired by the thought of having courage. An underlying theme of the film is to "have courage, and be kind".  It's a great thought. What would the world look like if we all decided to embrace that kind of perspective? Courage and kindness are a powerful combination.

Have you ever wanted to do something, but felt like you lacked the courage to do it? Perhaps it was trying something new, moving to a new place, applying for a job, starting a business..etc. We are often faced with opportunities to take risks, and our success is often determined by our measure of courage. I remember the first time I thought about the idea of writing a book. It was something that felt so big, so overwhelming, and the unknown of how to do it felt somewhat scary, but the momentum that happens when you take the first step will create a tidal wave of enthusiasm. Once I decided that it was going to happen, no matter what, and I summed up the courage to get things moving, it was amazing to see the kinds of things that began to move into place!

We must have courage to take the first step, and get beyond whatever limitations or barriers we've set up for ourselves. Most of the time, the obstacles in our lives are there because of our own doing! You've been designed for an incredible life; will you have the courage to live it? I sure hope so! Don't allow the fears, past failures, and limitations keep you back from greatness. Take a deep breath, summon all the courage you can, and be brave enough to take the first step (no matter how big or small) toward your goals and dreams. You will be amazed at how things begin to happen for those who have the courage to begin! Remember you do not go through life alone; God walks with us each step of the way. Deuteronomy 31:6 says, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."

Here's to an amazing, courageous week ahead! You can do it!

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