Fall Florals

(Romper -similar, Bag, Necklace, Shoes-similar, Watch, Earrings-similar)

Fall is officially here, friends! It's a little hard to dive right into the sweaters and scarves when it's still close to 90 degrees around here, so I'm enjoying the darker floral prints, jewel tones, and ankle boots until we finally get some cooler weather. I wore this feminine look to a friend's bridal shower the other day, and loved how comfortable this romper turned out to be! To avoid making this look too dark for our current summer temps, I paired it with some lighter, more neutral accessories; however, this piece could easily transition into the fall season by swapping out the bag for something darker and adding tights. Restyling can be so much fun!  What are your favorite pieces this fall? 


Easy Fall Outfit

 As fall approaches, it's hard to say goodbye to the beautiful colors and prints of summer, especially when it's still so warm around here. This gorgeous silky dress is the perfect way to give a nod to the darker hues of autumn while still enjoying the playful cold-shoulder detail and leafy print. You could even style it with some tights and cute boots when the weather cools down. Also, when I learned that this was named the 'Candice' dress, I knew it was a must-have...I mean really, it's meant to be, right? Fun, flattering, and fabulous, this beauty needs to be a part of your fall transition wardrobe. You'll love her as much as I do! ;)


Enthusiasm is Contagious

Enthusiasm is contagious! Have you ever been around someone who was genuinely excited about something? Their energy is absolutely magnetic! I love investing time around people who are passionate about something and enjoying their lives to the full. Need a little boost of enthusiasm in your life? Here's a few steps to get you going in the right direction!

10 Steps For Developing Enthusiasm
1. To be enthusiastic, you have to act enthusiastically. 

2. As much as possible, avoid people who are negative thinkers.

3. Have a healthy attitude toward problems. 

4. Realize that every adversity can be an opportunity. 

5. When something is done, forget it. 

6. Keep everything in perspective. 

7. Look for new goals to set. 

8. Be confident. 

9. Care for your health. 

10. Smile. 

A Shift In Season & Perspective

Happy Labor Day and long weekend, friends! I hope you're enjoying some fun, sunshine, and time with good friends and family! For many, this is the wrap up of summer's golden glow and the official arrival of the fall transition. It will still be awhile until things cool down around here, but I have to say that I do love the way that the afternoon light has started to grow increasingly moody and rich as we move toward autumn. Every season has its beauty; the challenge for us is to go out looking for those beautiful details and moments. In my opinion, that's the way that life is too, isn't it? Each season of life brings changes, shifts in perspective, challenges, accomplishments, and lessons; however, each one also possesses a beauty that we must seek out. I often ask myself the question, 'Are you looking for the beauty in your current life season?' I have to remind myself to be conscious of that because life has a way of hurrying us along, wishing for better things ahead. Don't rush ahead and miss it. Enjoy and embrace the beauty of this season, this moment...we only have it for right now. 

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