Navy Baby

Last week I spent the day on a nearby island soaking up the sun on the beach, cruising around in golf carts, and wandering the little streets that were awash with brilliantly blooming bushes and flowers. Rompers are one of my favorite go-to pieces for spring and summer. They make the perfectly stylish, no-fuss outfit. I love the navy lace detail of this one which is easily dressed up or down. For a beachy look, I paired it with a straw hat and woven tote bag, and to wear to dinner, I like to add wedges and a long necklace or scarf. Here's to many more sun-soaked days, time by the ocean, and spring's bountiful blooms! 

Beach Essentials

It's time for sunshine, sea breezes and swimsuits once again! (Wait, did it ever end?!) Spring weather creates the ideal beach day; it's sunny and warm with a bit of cool breeze, yes please! Lately, I've been finding any excuse to get out and enjoy the beach, even if it's just a quick dash to catch the brilliant display of colors at sunset. One of the best things about being so close to the ocean is that you can totally check in to vacation mode whenever the mood strikes! I've learned to keep a beach bag in my car with some of my essentials so I'm always ready for an impromptu beach escape. I always like to pick up a new swimsuit or two around this time to refresh the wardrobe for another sunshine-filled spring and summer season. Adore Me has some really cute styles as well as a wide range of prints and sizes to fit and flatter every body type. (Score an extra $10 off your new suit with code SWIMSET10)

Over the years, I've discovered what sun care products really work (especially when it comes to protecting that great tan...oh yeah, and your skin!). I've linked some of my tried and true favorites for you below. Sun Bum products have quickly become my favorite after discovering them on a vacation, and I'm also loving this Coola setting spray that adds a light layer of protection while locking in any tinted moisturizer or CC cream you may apply. Both of those lines are organic and provide excellent protection (Read: great tan without burning, score!!) for a day at the beach. If you're not a fan of laying out, this is the best self-tanner that will give you that gorgeous sunkissed glow in a flash.

Here's to many sunshine-filled days and ocean breezes in your future!

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Monday Musings

Happy Monday! I like to start my week by reflecting on some inspiring thoughts that help me to set a good mindset for what I want to accomplish. Here's a few things that are inspiring me recently! Here's to a productive and successful week ahead!

Why Rest Is Important

This past weekend was full of fun and activity, but after a crazy week, I also made sure to take a day to rest and relax. Rest can sometimes get a bad rap due to the focus that our society puts on productivity and busyness. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes it is really hard to rest, especially when we have to-do lists and schedules that are jam-packed with activities and many demands; however, I have come to realize that in order to be successful, a leader needs to invest time in recharging. Maybe taking the weekend off seems close to impossible for you, but even a simple hour or two just to yourself...not to cross off tasks or 'get things done', just to rest, will do wonders.

Rest can give us renewed energy, creativity, and a clearer sense of purpose or perspective. One of my favorite places to find rest is by the ocean. It's no secret that I love the beach and being by the water is a wonderful place to let the mind relax and wander. Where do you like to go to get some peace and quiet? There's a great quote from Jim Rohn that says, "Make rest a necessity, not an objective. Rest should only be a necessary pause in the process of preparing for an assault on the next objective and the next discipline." Too often I've thought of rest as a sign of weakness, when in actuality, it is a way to gain increased strength to continue on. Scripture tells us this, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." (Matthew 11:28-29) It is so important that when we are weary or perhaps beginning to feel overwhelmed by the busyness of life's pace, we invest time in a brief pause to regain strength and stamina. If you've been running hard lately, this is your reminder to invest in rest from time to time. Don't get stuck in a constant cycle of harried task completion; relax, reset, and take a moment to breathe. You'll be stronger because of it.
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