Most Loved Memories of 2011

What an incredible year 2011 was, and as much as I enjoy looking forward to all that 2012 will bring, it would be remiss to not celebrate all the good memories from this year, one last time! Here's a few highlights!
January: An impromptu visit to see friends in California for the week was the perfect way to kick off the new year, and a bonus of snowy scenery made it all the more fun!

February: Polo season was in full swing, bringing with it sunshine- filled Sunday picnics
March: I helped out with an incredible event called the Cinderella Project that gives prom gowns, jewelry, shoes and bags to girls who need a bit of magical (read: financial) assistance. Such a fun day among the glitter, tulle, sparkling shoes, and smiling faces as my role as fairy godmother ;)
April/May: Took French cooking classes, and finished up my first semester in a new program for school.

June: Went to Hawaii, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, thundering surf, guava juice and went ziplining over the rainforest for the first time! 

July: Spent the majority of my summer with some of my best friends working at an international leadership camp for teens. Celebrated my birthday at the lakehouse with them, and also had a mini celebration when I came home for a week break in between camp sessions!

August: Took some mini vacations as summer came to a close, a bunch of my friends came to stay with me for a week, and school started up again!
September: I competed in a pageant for the first time, and won the title of Miss Liberty 2011!

October/November: I got a new job which kept me quite busy in addition to school, but luckily had enough time to see friends, enjoy the beginning of the holiday season and a taste of cooler weather. 

December: I finished up the semester, hosted a Christmas party, and got to spend a weekend with one of my best friends who came to stay with me! Christmas was beautiful, relaxing and warm..80 degrees! Time with family and friends made it just wonderful.

I loved 2011 and all that it brought with it, the times that were tough, as trials make you stronger, and the times of pure happiness and exhilaration because what would life be without celebration? And now as it comes to a close, 
2012 I'm ready for you! Time to say hello to a new year. 



5 Things This Week

5 Things this week:

1. Closet is officially clean. I may or may not have found 32 pairs of pants in there...maybe. I also discovered the necessity that is a steamer..does anyone else hate ironing things as much as I do? Like seriously...

2. Ordering all of my books for my final semester (yay!), and perhaps a fun read or two also..

3. Apple Walnut crumble served a la mode in addition to a tiny pot of Orange Spice tea in a tiny 2nd level of a old wooden home now restaurant, lit by tiny white lights tucked into deep green vines..blissful to say the least.

4. Finally getting some chilly weather which means sweaters, boots and leggings. Basically heaven. 

5. I would love for you to sponsor TeaTime Thoughts in January. I'm totally willing to work with you, and rates are low! Button swaps are also welcome :) {yes, shameless self-advertising...}

What's making your week wonderful? 


 This is what really happens at photo shoots..

Sometimes it's fun to put together a bunch of the ones that didn't make the final cut.
At the end of a shoot, there's always hundreds of photos to sort through, many are quite good; however, to save you from utter boredom, the quota needs to drop to about 5 or 6 favorites. It's always a tough decision, and sometimes fun ones like these still deserve their day in the sun..

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I'm looking for January me for more info! (Rates are really reasonable!)

A Party Perfect New Year

(Dress: Thrifted, Belt: Express, Tights: Dillard's, Shoes: Pour La Victoire, Earrings: Aria)

You might recognize my beautiful friend Lisa from this Teatime Thursday video...she's here again to share her styled outfit for attending New Year's celebrations.

When it comes to New Year's there's nothing like a feminine, easy-to-wear sweater dress in a dove gray---perfect for ringing in 2012! A sparkling belt cinches the waist with notice-me detail, and delicate lace tights in black add a bit of edge to cranberry menswear inspired pumps. Finish off your look with glitzy earrings in ruby, a modern take on the classic diamond bling. Whether you'll be toasting to success with friends and family or enjoying a night out on the town with a special someone, you'll be sure to ring in the new year with style!

How will you be celebrating? 

Happy Monday!


Christmas Wishes

In the busyness of the holiday season, the parties, food, presents, events and hectic schedules, it's important to take a moment and think of the true reason we celebrate; it is more than gift giving, more than Santa Claus bringing our wishlists wrapped in pretty papers and carols sung by candlelight. Rather, the simple story of a baby born to someday save the world, a love come in the form of flesh and bone, bringing hope and light to a dark world. I wish I could have been there on that night to experience the first feel the straw beneath my feet, see the tiny infant peacefully sleeping and experiencing the jubilation of the shepherds come to find the newborn king. My greatest wish for you is that you also experience the truest love, warmest wishes and peace that this holiday brings. 

One of my favorite traditions involves one of my best friends dressing up as a gingerbread man, delivering cookies to my door, singing. Hands down coolest Christmas treat ever. She makes the best cookies, and seeing her smiling face in costume kind of signifies that the season has finally arrived. You can see photos of last year's visit here.

Blessings and Christmas wishes to you,



loveknots Giveaway

Ashley is one of my favorite people & bloggers, her blog She Smiles, She Writes is filled with wisdom, beautiful photos and heartfelt thoughts. She has a darling shop loveknots that is an outpouring of her creative ability to make the cutest things. I have a scarf she's made me, and absolutely love wearing it.
Lucky for you, she's giving away this gorgeous infinity scarf for you to love too!

Night Sky Infinity Scarf

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Good luck!



Annual Christmas parties are such fun, it's a chance to put on a pretty dress, enjoy a great time of much laughter, good food, pretty decorations, gift giving, catching up on the semester's ongoings and planning for get-togethers in the days ahead. French pastries, cookies, warm soup, a delicious array of finger foods and apple cider were perfectly combined with sprays of pine and glittering gold accents lit by tiny tea lights and floating candles. Definitely one of my favorite parties to host! 

Will you be hosting or attending any parties this year?
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