Weekend Wanderings & A Giveaway!

Happy Weekend everyone! I'm so excited that it's a nice 4 day weekend..yay for the holidays! For most people it means the end of summer is finally here, but I'm still not ready to give up the beachy weather, sandals, shorts and sundresses (lucky for me it's going to stay warm here for a good while longer!) and evenings spent gazing at the vibrant sunsets. As much as I love fall and the arrival of cooler weather and pumpkin spice lattes (yay!), there's so much about summer that I want to savor for a little longer. With the extra day to relax, perhaps some much-needed beach time, reading and sunbathing will be on tap for the weekend.

Here's a great way to start off your weekend--(Labor Day that is, if you're in the US!) with a giveaway from the sweet husband & wife team at Urbanwalls. They're generously giving a $50 gift card to one lucky Teatime Thoughts reader to choose a beautiful piece from their decal collection. There's all kinds of fun choices, including the map that I have! There's lots of chances to enter, so your chances of winning are pretty good! :)
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Here's to a wonderful weekend ahead!



verse print by Naptime Diaries, watercolors by Lauren and bunting from

photo from my role of Princess Aurora in the ballet, Sleeping Beauty

just a few favorites..

I've been in the mood to redo some of the decor in my room...I get on these design kicks and then move all the furniture and redesign my theme. Recently, adding touches of gold and ethnic elements to my room has been my latest love. 
When the Urbanwalls team sent over this gorgeous map in a shimmering gold, I couldn't resist giving the gilded piece center stage on the wall. I've used vinyl wall decals before in both a previous room design as well as past college dorm rooms, and have loved the character and fun look they can bring to a space, and when you're all done, you can simply peel it off the wall. Easy. This one was absolutely perfect with the look I was going for. 
Check out more of their beautiful designs here. 
(stay tuned for a giveaway from Urbanwalls in the very near future!)

Do you have a long-standing theme in your room, or do you like to switch things up like me? 


As much as I LOVE summer, it's about time to acknowledge fall's arrival. While the stores begin to show all kinds of deep, dark colors and warm coats, there's no need to rid your closet completely of summer pieces. With a few tweaks, you can expertly combine your summer favorites into a perfect outfit for transitioning effortlessly into fall's vibrant style. 

Begin by choosing a simple shift dress..that striped one from summer's nautical trend works perfectly when combined with a colorful cardigan in a rich shade. Add pops of cobalt, one of fall's big colors in accessories, like a belt and pointed toe flats, and finish off the look with some mixed metal bangles and hammered gold earrings. For a more daring combination, try mixing stripes and polka dots (a major trend for the season) and cinch your waist with a lime green belt or play with complimentary color combinations like plum and yellow. 

Something to try for a smooth summer to fall transition is a simple swap of your sandals for some cute loafers or colored ballet flats. J.Crew and Target both have some adorable options to choose from. Don't be afraid to play with color in your accessories, especially jewelry and belts; these are quick and rather inexpensive ways to incorporate some of fall's trending looks. 

What are some of your favorite looks for fall? 


Weekend Wanderings

You are valuable because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are
–Max Lucado

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Three Things on Thursday

Yay! It's Thursday.. here's a few things on my mind today.

1. I wrote for The You Are Project about style..perhaps you'll find a helpful tip or two? :)

2. Thank you to all who entered the amazing Celebrate Summer giveaway! Congratulations to the winners..click to see if you've won! :)

3. Meet my newest sponsor! You'll absolutely love her!

Hi, I am Chantal, a city girl with a big fat southern heart! I love to love and have a huge passion for fashion, parties and seeing broken young women set free and made whole. I started BeVirtue totally led by the Lord with a huge passion to help girls I might not ever meet elsewhere. Nothing warms my heart like putting up a blog post and getting an email or comment about how much it helped someone, that's what this is all about. That is why I blog! xoxo I'd love to connect with you! Find me on:

Have a great Thursday everyone!

A Girl's Guide to Simple Entertaining

I absolutely LOVE to host parties and have friends over for get-togethers..there's always a reason to celebrate, and life is waaaay more fun if you choose to have a party and enjoy it! I recently had some of my girlfriends over for a birthday celebration, and after getting many a question of 'how to' or 'where to find' things, it seemed like a good idea to put together some tips that I think about when hosting a sparkling soiree!

I am a flower enthusiast. Seriously. When decorating for parties, there's no such thing as too many flowers. For this party, I really wanted the flowers to take center stage in the table decor, and so I filled vases of differing heights to the brim with blooms. 

There's no need to spend exorbitant amounts on getting things professionally arranged; I thrifted a bunch of mason jars, vases and short, circular jars and then picked up bunches of spray roses and various other flowers from the farmer's market. Also, check your local grocery store for any floral deals; my local chain had a deal of 3 bunches of roses and assorted flowers for $12! If you do one thing for your table, it should be a good bunch of blooming beauties.
 When you first arrive to a party, there can sometimes be a bit of lag time while waiting for the others to show up. Give your guests something to do, which allows them to relax and mingle a little. The best way to do this is to have a drink station with a few options so people can mix flavors to make their favorite.

A few good additions to your table would be ice cubes with fresh cut lemon slices, berries or even mint leaves frozen into them, a variety of infused water, iced tea, lemonade or a fruit punch. Decorative ice cubes are an affordable and simple touch that makes everything look elegant! Take time to choose some fun drink containers as well! We sipped on French pink lemonade in pretty champagne flutes, and iced tea in mason jars.
A good meal always begins and ends well, so start things with a simple hors d'oeuvre. Cheese spreads are always a great option, and provide the perfect beginning to a savory meal. I would suggest a classic brie with some sweet oatcakes, pear or apricot paste and honey. 
This caprese flatbread comes together rather simply, yet tastes gourmet. Begin with some pre-made pizza dough, brush with pesto, layer on your tomato slices and mozzarella. Bake everything in the oven, drizzle with a balsamic glaze, and garnish with a sprig of fresh basil. Voila! 
Leigh Growney, of The Short Giraffe, created this beautiful lavender honey cake with buttercream frosting which was the perfect finale to the evening! Choose a dessert from a local bakery, rather than the typical pick up from a grocery store. It's fun to support business in your town, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the confections you're able to find! Nothing says 'celebrate' like sparklers, so to add a touch of whimsy to the dessert, we added some! Too fun! 
Guests never leave my parties without a little take-home gift. Perhaps that's my generous nature speaking, but I think it's always a good idea to put together a little "thank you" gift. Trust me, you'll always have happy guests if you do! :) Take into consideration a small thing or two that would be useful and easy to find. Tiny jars of honey with handmade labels, a little notepad, lip balm or a few assorted teas are all things I've tucked into cute little bags. 

With these easy tips, you can simply entertain and enjoy, no matter the occasion, and you'll always have a bunch of happy guests who won't want to leave, and can't wait until your next party! 

Cheers to more simple celebrations!

Shades of Blue

(Dress: F21, Shoes: Zara, Belt: F21, Clutch: Thrifted, Sunglasses: Michael Kors)

I've always been drawn to shades of blue. Perhaps it is my innate love for all things in that natural hue..the sky and the ocean. It's soothing and peaceful, bringing a sense of calm and a freshness. Isn't it intriguing to think about the emotions and feelings a certain color can evoke? Often a particular shade is an expression of how we feel or a mood of sorts. 

Every time I've worn blue, it remains a calming, comforting and refreshing color..reminding me of the ever-present beauty found in the sky and the sea, both large in their expanse and grand as can be. Have you ever thought about color, and why certain thoughts and memories are sometimes attached? 


Weekend Wanderings

With summer coming to a close, and the beginning of a new season almost upon us, I find it important to look for the things in life, whether big or small that you can celebrate or be thankful for. Here's a few of mine..
-family dinner complete with cafe lights
-sunsets on the beach
-lunch dates with friends
-receiving packages in the mail
-getting a really good deal
- pretty rainbows after the rain
-craft nights with friends
-good books
-coffee dates
-birthday parties
-getting the new issue of my favorite magazines (...InStyle, ahem)
-finishing a tough workout
-sunshine-filled days
-realizing that I don't have homework anymore..(still so weird to me!)

Let's look for the things in life to celebrate! Feel free to share some of your list too :)
Have a happy weekend!


Easy Does It

(Dress: French Connection, Belt: Vero Moda, Sandals: Zara, Sunglasses: c/o Firmoo)

I've been asked quite often about tips for putting together easy outfits. This has to be one of the simplest things I own. Dress. Belt. Sandals. done. I love to accessorize with a pair of oversized frames; it's the fastest way to make anything look a bit more chic and pulled together. From suits to sundresses,  sunglasses can make or break the look. The team at Firmoo, Inc. sent over these adorable frames for me, and I've worn them non-stop since. Since I'm not a prescription glass wearer, I opted to put in regular lenses, but you could even customize these beauties to your vision needs. Best of all, your first pair is free! Um hello, who doesn't love free stuff? There's tons of options to choose from, and whether it's a new pair of readers or a fun pair of frames like mine, you're sure to find just what you need! I highly suggest checking those out! Also, if you haven't already, be sure to get in on the Celebrate Summer Giveaway that's happening so you could win one of three amazing prizes!

Hope you're having a fantastic week so far!
Happy Thursday to you!

Wordless Wednesday


Celebrate Summer Giveaway

What better way to celebrate these last sweet moments of summer with a giveaway?! Some of my sponsors have generously teamed up to put together a fabulous bunch of prizes for some lucky Teatime Thoughts readers!
A $20 Forever 21 Gift card from Dulce of Dulce Taylor

*for Blogger only*

A total blog redesign (a header, about me blurb with photo, navigation bar, and social media icons) 

A surprise Summer Essentials gift package from me :) 

There will be 3 winners (one for each prize) and winner will be contacted by email, so please remember to leave that in your comments! There's lots of chances to win :) The giveaway will run until Tuesday, August 21st! Best of luck to you! 

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(Chambray Top: TJMaxx, Skirt: Energie, Sandals: Lorenzo Chelini, Bag: Dooney & Bourke, Sunglasses: Michael Kors, Jewelry: Anna & Ava, Lauren)

Summer days are for adventure. To take a day to explore, wander and learn is to refresh one's spirit. I think that doing something spontaneous and perhaps a bit daring is just as good as taking a day to relax. 

“A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints.” — Wilfred Peterson

Perhaps your adventure does not include scaling a cliff or jumping from a waterfall, but that does not make it any less valuable..perhaps in that adventure, however small or large it might be, you'll not only discover more about who you are, but also those little, beautiful details hidden in life, the small moments of beauty, waiting for a courageous soul to find them. So before we all settle into our daily routines and rhythms of life, go adventure..be it alone or with friends. Do something out of your ordinarily planned schedule; I promise it is worth it! 

Happy Monday!
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