4 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

I boarded my flight and upon settling into my seat, promptly took out a pen and notebook and began, for the next hour, writing out a self-evaluation of where I was in my life at this point.
Summer is always a checkpoint time for me and the goals I've set, and I take advantage of my travel time to get this very important task accomplished. Perhaps it's fact that I'm not on the ground running through my day, or the seemingly "lack of routine responsibilities" while in flight that causes me to focus more on the various areas of life that I can improve upon before the year's end. Regardless of the reason, I'm intentional about investing this time in my personal inventory and improvement. As I was doing some of this on a recent trip, I thought about some of the lessons I've learned and areas I've been working to improve. Some of these have turned into posts here on the blog from time to time, and I wanted to share four of them with you in the hope that you may be experiencing and/or learning some of these also.

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Pretty In Pink

(Dress // Bag // Shoes)

For my birthday we took a trip to the beautiful Biltmore Hotel in Miami. The historical beauty sits among sprawling golf courses, streets lined with banyan trees, and lovely private estates in Coral Gables. A walk around the property is perfect for discovering charming staircases, hand-painted frescos on the ceilings, marble columns, intricate tile mosaics, and beauty around every corner. Our suite was so spectacular that we decided to have a private dinner brought in, and then went for an evening stroll afterwards. I wanted a fabulous dress to celebrate in, and this gorgeous shift was perfect for ringing in another fantastic year! I was drawn to the pretty color, gold detail, and simple elegance which makes this the perfect summer look. Also, this clutch is my new go-to; the gold accents and printed inner lining make it the finishing touch and beautiful accessory for just about every summer dress I own. 


Summer Celebrations

Summer is the perfect time to host some friends and family for a fun gathering or celebration! I love getting friends together for some good food, great conversations, and time enjoyed together. Looking for a few ideas? I've got some party inspiration for your summer celebrations. Pick your favorite, and host your own this season!


Red, White, and Blue

Happy Fourth of July! This is one of my favorite holidays for a number of reasons, but one main one being that it's the perfect summer celebration! It's time to kick back with friends and family, throw a few things on the grill, watch some fireworks, play with sparklers, enjoy the long summer nights, and celebrate a beautiful country. I love wearing all my patriotic pieces, and this cute romper is a favorite, especially in the warm weather. I love how soft and comfy it is, and the colors, while festive, can actually work all year round! Pieces like this make getting dressed oh so easy which means more time to play in the sunshine. Wishing you a fabulous 4th celebration! 
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