The Last Chapter

As we begin a new year, it's always good to start with reflection of the one prior. We take into account the joys and victories, the challenges and lessons, the memories and dreams. With the wisdom of days past, we enter with hopeful hearts into the fresh, clean pages of the year to come. Sometimes this shift means that new chapters begin, and other times it means that certain chapters must come to a close.

I have loved writing in this corner of the internet for over nine (yes, nine!) years, and I have to say that blogging has been a wonderfully rewarding way to share thoughts, dreams, and inspiration. Through these posts, I've connected with old friends and also made new ones. It's brought about lots of fun opportunities, collaborations, events, and partnerships that wouldn't have come about otherwise. It's been a place to dream, celebrate, create and encourage. I'm grateful for the many things I've learned and have been able to share with you here. This last chapter here is bittersweet, simply because my blog has been a familiar place that will soon evolve into something different; however, I'm so excited to see all that will come from pursuing something new. The beauty of change is that it challenges us to become different and better. While you won't find my writing here in the new year, I'm thrilled to be sharing plenty of NEW and exciting adventures through Aretios! You can find me on social media @candiceelaineh and @aretiosofficial 
I'll be sharing insider updates of what I'm up to (and trust me, there's some good things coming). To receive the updates, click here.

It has been a joy to share these posts with you over the years, and I hope you'll join me as we begin this new chapter together! 




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