Here's My Moment of Pure Simplicity

Have you ever wished that time would just stand still for a few precious moments before continuing on in its ever moving state? This season of life has just been so busy, and even though it has just begun, I am needing a moment of pure simplicity already! This post is going to be a bit of randomness, but enjoy all the same!

beach in the mornings..pure bliss.

gifts from friends just because. lovely.

hello, brunette hair.

loving the sunsets...fall is in the air.

Remember how I said I would do a kind deed each day for a week? Here's a few of the things I did:
-held the door open for some elderly people
-smiled at a stranger
-helped a girl in class
-made an effort to reach out to a person who seemed unhappy
-randomly texted a friend to tell them to have a good day

It was fun to just do the little things that can sometimes get lost in the schedules of a day or week. Have you done any random acts of kindness lately?

Quote of the Week: "Think like a Queen. A queen is not afraid to fail."

Nutcracker is coming up and I got my dream role of the Snow Queen!
(as well as Russian, Merliton and Dewdrop in Waltz of the Flowers! I'm so excited!!!)

I had started a dance team at the school that I attended last year, and just received word today that there were 30+ people that attended the first practice yesterday! How encouraging to hear that God used me to  put into place the things that He wanted to have happen. Even though it was a tough last year, we were able to have 4 performances (one of which was at Disney) and now God has totally blessed that group, so I was able to leave behind something that is flourishing and ministering to others! 

(this is my typical reaction when reading the things you write!)

and to wrap things up, I wanted to just express my gratitude towards all of you wonderful people who always make me smile as I read your comments on my blog! You guys are the best! Much love and many thanks to you! 

Hope you all are having the most wonderful week :) Ready for the weekend?? I sure am! 




Brittany. said...

Did you take tat fourth picture?? It's fabulous!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair, by the way. :)

Miss you.

Candice said...

thanks :) no, my cousin took it when she was visiting!
thank you, thank you!!
miss you too!

a girl with a smile said...

Brunnette???!!!!! I actually like it a lot!
Skype date soon?

Mikelle Jade said...

Oh I love the Brunette hair, perfect for the fall :)
That's amazing about your good deeds and the dance team! You're so awesome, but I'm sure you already knew that!

Sarah said...

Wonderful post, this made me smile!

Devea said...

I love giving strangers smiles. As weird and creepy as that sounds I know it makes their day and it makes mine better knowing I helped someone!

Lisa said...

amazing post!!!! I absolutely love the first photo, and you're a brunette:) You'll have to skype with me too!! :) I pick up my mac tomorrow-yay:D

Unknown said...

What a sweet blog you have! Congrats on your spot in the Nutcracker!!!

paislea said...

awe! i love your dark hair. it's so cute!

lauren brimley said...

Love the dark hair! And congrats on your part in the Nutcracker!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the role! I'm sure you will do great :)

P.S. Award time!

Viva La Fashion said...

<3 gifts from friends jsut because. :)

char said...

your dark hair is just lovely, you are so pretty :)
and that's so exciting, you get to be in the Nutcracker! congratulations!
thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, dear xxx

Louise said...

Just discovered your blog and love it! Now following you xx

Julia said...

aw, I want to think like a queen too:)

Candice said...

Ashley: thanks! yes we should!
MJ: you're so sweet! thanks for your kind words!
Sera Pie: yay! I'm glad!
Devs: Me too! It is so much fun to make someone's day :)
Lisa: yes, we will! Yay how exciting!
Tamara Nicole: thank you! and I must return the compliment to you on your lovely blog!
Paislea: thank you!! I love it too!
Lauren: thank you, thank you! I am so thrilled about it!
Rinny: thanks! :) and how kind of you to give me an award! it made me smile!!
Lane: It's wonderful, isn't it?
Char: aw you are just so kind! you're welcome! I love your blog!
Thrive on Novelty: thanks, girl! following your awesome blog too!
Julia: it's a great way to think!

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