Wishing On Autumn Leaves

It really seems as though this season is one of the busiest yet. I feel as though I say this all the time, but wow it was such a busy week, and next week brings with it lots of exams and appointments..whew! I cannot wait for a break! It went back to summer-like weather here..I wish it was getting somewhat cooler because I am really wanting to break out the cute coats, sweaters and boots!! Unfortunately, I'll probably be waiting for another month before the cool change comes about. 

I really am not having a hair color mid-life crisis, I promise..but
I decided to go back to being blonde after enjoying the brunette look for a bit. I liked the color and was happy that I could pull it off, but I just didn't feel like myself. I had wondered for years what I would look like as a brunette, so it was a good experiment; I am much happier blonde, just saying. Haha

I recently discovered how crazy some people can be when it comes to shopping and good deals. I've been shopping on Black Friday and whatnot, but that was nothing compared to the '50% off everything all day' sale at the Goodwill that I like to visit. Holy moly. I've never seen anything quite like it. Now you have to understand that this is not your average Goodwill, as it receives lots of fabulous finds bearing top designer names (think Escada, Juicy, Chanel,..etc.), but the people were so intense that day. I waited for a good 7 minutes in line for a dressing room, and did end up with some good stuff..yay! It was perfect to get some early Christmas shopping done; yes, I'm way early, I know. Next time I'm not sure I'll come in that day, too many scary shoppers, but lots of great deals..hmm such a toss up!

I recently received this lovely read from a good friend of mine, and I couldn't put it down until I was done! It was so good! The way that author, Scotty Gibbons, talks about how his youth group was able to  give, as well as his ideas of giving for wherever you're at is so good! Highly suggest picking this one up on your next trip to the bookstore.
My sister is in her school play this weekend, and so I've been doing her hair and makeup based on the style of Amanda Bynes' character from Hairspray. The play is a comedy set in the 50's. She looks so cute with the curls, and in her full costume she's the perfect vintage girl! 
"But friendship is the breathing rose, with sweets in every fold. "
Oliver Wendell Holmes 

I just had to throw this one in there..we had an open rehearsal at my studio, so people could stop in and watch our Nutcracker rehearsals, and we each received a gorgeous rose at the end! It was so sweet!! I just love a deep red like in this one; it looks so pretty on my dresser!
 (Peach roses are my all-time favorite though!)

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! 




Louise said...

Blondes do have more fun :) xx

Allison said...

Ooh, I love doing hair! You did a great job- she totally looks like Penny! :)

Marie said...

It's been warm over here too, I can't wait to really have a cool weather where I live.:D

You look lovely as a blonde and your sister is cute.:d

Have a great weekend!:D

***** Marie *****

Mikelle Jade said...

You change your hair so much, but it looks good every time! I really can't decide which I like better :)

You're lucky to have such a good Goodwill nearby. It's a hit or miss where I live, and 50% off sale? Good finds!? Wow! I love that feeling. It's almost like a feeling of accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

both you and your sister are really beautiful. :) i'm sure she'd do well in her play, with such fab hairdos! i, too, have been busy. but well, i hope you find the time to kick back and relax a little. x

Devea said...

Blonde hair looks amazing on you!!

Katie said...

50% off days are crazy here too! And we don't have any designer names or crazy stuff. But its totally worth the jammed parking lots, insane dressing room lines, and crowded aisles!

Emilie said...

Blondes have more fun, that's just so true haha! And I know because I've been blonde for whole my life :)



Julia said...

I love your sister's hairstyle, it's really pretty:)! I didn't know you were naturally blonde:O! You look good in both colours, so be blonde if it feels better;)

Anonymous said...

Personally, i love your hair in blonde. And oh i like your sisters hair, you did it very well! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too!

kendall k. said...

I always find the BEST things at Goodwill :)

Candice said...

@ Thrive on Novelty Yes, I agree ;)

@Allison Thank you! It really is such fun!

@ Marie Thank you! You are so lovely!!

@ MJ Aww thanks, dear! It does feel like an accomplishment; it's almost like an adventure each time haha

@ Sarahtay you are so kind! Yes, she did a fabulous job! I hope to get a bit of relaxation time quite soon :)

@ Devs Thank you :)

@ Katie Rush It's such a madhouse, isn't it?? All for the sake of a good deal!!

@ Emilie Yes, me too..except for this last brunette experiment haha
You have beautiful hair!

@ Julia Thank you! It was lots of fun to do. Yes, its nice to know that I can wear either color, but I do feel better as a blonde :)

@ShineyGlam You're quite welcome! Thank you very much; I love it too!

@kendall k. Yes, me too! It's fun to hunt around for things!

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