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What have you been reading lately? 

I've been indulging in some great books in recent weeks, and I just had to share a few of them with you! 
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Halo by Alexandra Adornetto 
(she's only 18 and this is her 2nd published novel; she's is super awesome 
and responds to Twitter and Facebook posts)
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The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler
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When God Writes Your Life Story by Eric & Leslie Ludy
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Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis 
(I thought I'd refresh my memory of the story since the movie comes out December 10!!! 
I added the trailer link in there for you to get excited with me.) 

Charlie Scribner, Jr. 

What books do you enjoy? Leave me some suggestions below! 

PS: Special Thanks to Pink Lady
for the award! You are so kind, dear! You should all go take a peek at her beautifully inspiring blog!


Unknown said...

Ah I've been so lazy recently I haven't read anything at all :( I'm a huge fan of Jane Austen, so "The Jane Austen Book Club" really appeals to me the most :)

P.S. I tagged you for 2 awards ^^
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Brooke T said...

I've been lazy too. I've read 30+ books in 4 months and I just can't get back into it but I heard Halo was amazing! I really want to read that one :) Also Siren by Tricia Rayburn is awesome.

Sarah said...

thanks for mentioning me!
have a lovely weekend!

xoxo, pink lady ♥

a girl with a smile said...

I'm currently indulging in A chance to die by Elisabeth Elliot, Three cups of tea by Greg Mortenson & How to pray by John Wesley.
I love that Charlie Scribner quote, by the way!

Allison said...

Ooh, I can't wait to try these out! I just finished "Clockwork Angel" by Cassandra Clare- SO GOOD. You should try the Mortal Instrument series, too, by her!

Sarah said...

i've been reading all my psychology textbooks since my finals are just next week. can't wait to dig in soon enough. :)

hope all is well, candice. x

-Sam I Am- said...

Yay new follower!!!
Thanks for sharing the book ideas :)
I LOVE a good read.

Nicki said...

I love books!!! Thanks for all your wonderful recommendations! I'll have to look into them for the holiday break. Two of my all-time favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird and Kite Runner... Have you read them before?

HeartNhandmade said...

ill have to check out one of these books! :)


Candice said...

Thank you for all of your ideas of new reads! I can't wait to dive into them!

@ Rinny thank you for the awards, dear! You're so kind! :)

Sarah said...

i love your blog and that´s the reason why i gave you the "a blog with substance"-award! :)

have a beautiful weekend!
xoxo, pink lady ♥

Betsey said...

lovely list! i've read jane austen book club and LOVED it so much! (have you seen the film -- it's cute too!) and voyage of the dawn treader is my favorite of the narnia series!

Candice said...

@ Betsey I've not seen the film, but the book was quite good! I'll have to see if I can rent it! Yes, Voyage is one of my favorites from the Narnia series too!

Bridget said...

ah! i have jane austen book club here but havent read it yet - i will add it to the list!

Candice said...

Yes you certainly should, Bridget! You'll love it! :)

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