So Here's What I Think Christmas Looks Like

Hello lovely friends,
I hope you all had the most wonderful of Christmas celebrations! Here's a little bit of what mine was like..
I had a small Christmas get-together with some lovely people that I'd not seen in awhile! 
Oh how I missed them! We had delicious food, good conversation and sparkly wrapped gifts to exchange with one another.
(excuse the bad quality of the photo)
It was pretty warm on Christmas Eve, so I wore this with a light jacket to church for a beautiful candlelight service
Our family visited a charming hotel on a pretty island near by. It was decorated for the holidays in beautiful, festive colors. Notice the glowing packages under the cool!
There was the cutest old library on the island that had walls crammed with good reads. 
It just begged for a picture! 
All part of the library..
gosh, with libraries like this, who needs resorts?
Guess who got a vintage bike for Christmas?? 
I took it out for a spin later that day :)
Baby's First Christmas
We just woke him up, hence the sleepy face. 
Christmas morning..we later went for a round two with the grandparents.
There were lots of fun things to open, 
but I enjoyed spending time with family and friends the most!

Did you all have fun celebrations too? I certainly hope so :)
What was your favorite gift or tradition that you got to do with your loved ones?
The new year fast approaches us, and with it I'll be making lists of goals and such that I'll share with you on a future post! 




Devea said...

Glad you had a nice christmas! :)

*Ashley* said...

ha my sister got a hat like yours! now im wanting one.... ;p

Shay said...

Everything looks so wonderful! I cant believe that library- I could live in there! And that bike is so cute!

Betsey said...

such a lovely post! that library is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to spend a day there!
your new bike is super cute too! looks like you had a fabulous christmas!

a girl with a smile said...

I had a great Christmas with boy and his family :)
I love the library :D I went gah gah with the patio
You got a bike too! awesome!

Mikelle Jade said...

Oh my goodness, your bike is gorgeous! I love the color, and it's so cute. You're luck you got to take it for a spin as well :)

The tree at the hotel is magnificent! I am happy you had a great Christmas! My Christmas was filled with Birthdays because my Grandpas is the day before Christmas, my dad's the day after, and then my Grandpas again later this week!

I'm Sydney. said...

LOVE all the goodies you got!!! Thank you for posting and I can't wait to read more in the upcoming new year!!

Unknown said...

Glad to see you enjoyed your holidays! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's as well ^^

Julia said...

aw, you seem to have enjoyed Christmas! I did as well cause I spent it with my close family and it was fun:) Aw, and that bike is so lovely!!!
Thank you for your comment and you should visit Spain:P, it's beautiful(:

lindsay said...

oh my candice these pictures speak volumes...your holidays look like they were absolutely fantastic :) the christmas tree with the glowing presents is beautiful (how cool that a hotel had this) and that vintage bike....oh my i want one just like that! the second i saw that i said "awwwww" so loud my co-worker asked me what happened :)

hope you have a wonderful new year...please do share all the details :)


Indigo said...

wow you are sooo lucky!! That bike is lush! X

Jen said...

Adorable hat!! But what I'm REALLY lovin' is that outfit you wore to church service... GORGEOUS girl!

Anonymous said...

My fav tradition is decorating the tree one day before Xmas :)

Unknown said...

Lovely Christmas!!!

Is that the library on boca grande? my fave ever. i did a post on boca grande. i adore that little town!!

Unknown said...

Appears that you had a splendid Christmas from all the wonderful photos - i love any place that has wall to wall books; it gives off such an old, historic, vintage vibe. :) Cute blog that you have!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Omg! What a beautiful Christmas you had! I'm so jealous of your vintage bike AND you look so pretty in your Christmas Eve outfit! xo

xxyy said...

that Christmas tree looks lovely. Beautiful photos.xx

vintch said...

oooh that bike! that library! that hat! your christmas looks SPECTACULAR:) i can really feel the fun and love just jumping through the pictures:) thanks for sharing this peek into your weekend. you are super lovely!

BECKY MAY said...

lovely pictures! it looks like you had a great christmas! cool blog :)



paislea said...

awe!! how fun!!! looks like you had a lovely christmas!!!

allister bee blog

Meera said...

Lovely pictures! <3
Please checkout/follow my blog. I love yours!


Candice said...

Thanks for all of the sweet comments, everyone! ♥
It was a wonderful Christmas, indeed!

@Tucker Yes, I do love that little island as well! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you had such a lovely Christmas! I'm a little envious of your vintage bike! ;)

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