Teatime Thursday

(Not sure why the video is a tad blurry..weird!)

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Current Favorite:
Red Raspberry

Teatime Thought:
Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves - slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. 
 ~Thich Nat Hahn

Fact of the Day:
98% of people take their tea with milk, but only 30% take sugar in tea.

Happy Thursday!



Bird Bug Pug said...

tea is being around my apartment here in sydney because we don't have heat and need some way of staying internally warm during the crisp spring mornings

before moving out to sydney we were married and were blessed with receiving everything we needed to stock our kitchen, but we neglected to register for any drinking containers like glasses or mugs for fear they would be broken while repacked/stored until we moved back to the US

you just inspired me to start collecting big mugs! something small i can take back to the US and enjoy to remind us of our time here

Candice said...

Awesome!! That's such a good idea. They will be such a fun and functional reminder :)
Take a photo of some of the neat ones you find.

Lindsey said...

Loving the vid posts, biff. LEGIT! I keep up with your blog even though I'm away at school here lol. Missing you bunches, love! <3 <3 <3

Candice said...

aww thanks love!! I miss you toooo...come back to me..

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Thanks for this! Not only do I love tea...but I am always up for exploring a good "self tanner"! I appreciate the info!

Sarah said...

Have I told you how beautiful you are? You look lovely, Candice! :) And y'know, I don't drink my tea with milk nor sugar. I have it just like that. Perhaps there's 1% of people like me out there? Hopefully! :) x

angie on maui said...

You are so beautiful, Candice. SO beautiful! I am loving this new vlogging side of you!

I love tea and am part of the 2% who don't drink it with milk. :) If you are ever up for trying some new teas, I'd love to send you some! Just let me know and consider it done!


Candice said...

@Sarah Thank you so very much!!

@Angie I would looove to try some new teas! :) I'll email you! xo

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