What's Your Cup of Tea?

From the title of my blog you can tell that tea & teatime are some of my favorite things. So much laughter, many secrets, celebrations, wisdom and memories have been shared over cups of tea with friends. Chantal shares the same love for tea, and has some wonderful thoughts about purpose, relationships and the perfect cup of tea..read on!

As we sipped our tea I thought to myself “I could do this for the rest of my life”. Somehow some way I have turned my love for tea as a way of pouring into, getting to know and encouraging girls on the college campus I attend. One tea cup at a time I find myself falling deeper in love with ministry to girls. Some quick background on me I have a huge heart for women’s ministry. My passion is for young women to be sexually whole and pure. I feel strongly the Lord calling me to the fight against sex trafficking. My heart beats to see young women set free!! It is so easy to look at the big picture and forget about the hurting girl’s right where I am. My tea cups keep me grounded. 

It started with one girl, “let’s have a tea date!” I said to her. This tea date for two turned into a tea party for four and it was absolutely lovely. This led to many tea dates being set-up, tea dates planned and tea dates to come. God is so awesome and so cool that He allows me to use something so simple as tea to connect with and build up His daughters.

What’s your cup of tea?

We all have passions, goals, and dreams we hope to reach. Why does your heart beat? What is that injustice or that problem in the world for which you desire change? It is so easy to get caught up in the big battles that we neglect the small battles in everyday life. Maybe you desire to end hunger and poverty, don’t neglect the homeless and hungry in your neighborhood/town. Maybe you desire to build schools in countries where many children don’t get to go to school, don’t neglect the children in your neighborhood/town that struggle in school everyday because they don’t understand. What are the smaller scale battles within your reach today? Really think about that, this is huge! Now I ask again, what’s your cup of tea? For me tea is my small way of connecting with girls in my reach. Maybe running is yours? Maybe you love to run and there are some girls you can run with in your school. Maybe it’s cooking; you could host recipe parties monthly. Whatever your “cup of tea” may be my prayer is that you get busy doing it. My hope is that you began to impact those in your reach. I feel like tea is such a small way to connect with someone but to the girls I meet with it really means a lot to them, my cup of tea makes their day. Don’t ever think that small gestures of kindness don’t mean the world to someone … they do! 


angie said...

Tea is fantastic! I love a good cup of chai tea and a gossip with my best friend!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh there is nothing like a good cup of tea!!

MorgHarpNich.com said...

i never really noticed the significance of tea until i lived in england. so much of what we did was centered around it. and then, i married a part-asian husband and again, i'm proposed with tea! i didnt grow up drink tea, but when you ask the question, what's your cup of tea? i think it's tea half the time and coffee the other half. there's something about warm beverages that just soothes.

morgan at quitetheblog.com

Anonymous said...

What a perfectly thought provoking, inspiring post. I'd love to have tea with you Chantal and Candice! Perhaps my next visit home? Thank you for this!

Bethany Vaughan said...

Sweet girl, I agree! We need to find our passions and glorify God with them right now, wherever we are. Like you said, a small gesture of kindness means the world to someone else.
Xo, Bethany

Julia D. said...

A cup of tea can solve almost anything, in my opinion.

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