How many times have you allowed yourself to dream, and really dream...I mean big dreams, the good ones that scare you because of how great and vast they seem. Those ones that would almost seem impossible, yet still you know somewhere deep down that maybe, just maybe they are accomplishable. You see, those desires, those dreams are stirrings that can be acted upon, not just talked about, and when you begin to do that, you'll see a shift in your life. It's not big changes that we're talking about here, but the subtle things that build over time.

 Often I am reminded of this analogy when I think of the dreams and things I want to accomplish in my life: Day after day sun shines on a seed, the winds blow, the rains fall and it seems from the surface as though nothing is happening, yet deep beneath the soil, that daily pattern is growing the seed. One day the beginnings of a sprout begin to form and it bursts through the surface of the earth, the plant strengthens and continues to flourish until it blossoms and produces the most beautiful flowers or becomes a big, strong tree. How incredible to see such greatness and beauty coming from a small beginning, produced over time because of the seemingly ordinary patterns of daily life. 

Why then, if so many of us have these longings or cravings to accomplish greatness, do so many never achieve it? It is usually because we allow the magnitude of our dreams to overwhelm us, or we simply talk about it, yet never make the small changes that will eventually move us to the direction of our dreams. It's time to allow ourselves to dream without limitations, to move from talking about it, to doing something about it. 
This is your moment to begin. 


Lauren said...

Candice this is so inspiring! I really needed this reminder today. Thanks for posting. :)

Andrea said...

I love this post! So many times I feel like the fear is the start and figuring out where to begin. I love the analogy of our dreams being seeded in soil and how it may not be tangible just yet, but can if we keep faith that our dreams can come into fruition. Such a lovely post thank you!

Anonymous said...

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." I believe this was said by Eleanor Roosevelt, but I think it is such a wonderful, true quote. Great post!

Anonymous said...

A lovely post Candice, and so pertinent and important to be reminded of...It's the little investments that add up to the big ones!
Thank you for sharing!

Julia D. said...

Such a beautifully inspiring (and true!) analogy.

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