Project: Inspired {Week 3} SHINE ON

Hi Everyone!! 
Ready for the final week of Project: Inspired? Hope so! I've so enjoyed seeing your Instachallenge completions, and hope you've been finding inspiration, dreaming big dreams and enjoying life's little moments! Just wanted to give a BIG shoutout and thank you to Nicole for sharing with all of us last week on the subject of enjoying life; what a powerful reminder to be thankful for those seemingly small details. This week we're discussing what it means to shine on. My thought for this subject is that you become the best version of YOU that you can. Often times, we can find ourselves wishing we looked different, acted different or were just a totally different person in general, when in reality, we are gifted and talented in our own right to shine & share with the world in a way that only we can do. As we chat this week, I challenge you to look for the things that you can appreciate in yourself..the talents, abilities and good things about you! Positive self-image is the most important step in becoming someone of greatness. Hope you're having a wonderful Monday, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for our next post!


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