Sweater Weather

I must admit, this is the first year that I've attended an ugly Christmas sweater party...usually my Christmas parties are cozy & casual or glittery and dressy, but it sure was fun to don a tacky, festive piece for the evening, and yes, a bright red bow (I felt like a present). This vest reminds me of the 12 Days of Christmas, even though it's really not related, the lines of gingerbread men, ornaments and trees had me humming "five golden rings..." in my head all evening long. Have you been to any tacky/ugly sweater parties?! They're so much fun!
Also, as I've mentioned on the blog before, my friends have this fantastic tradition of dressing up like gingerbread men to come caroling and bring me homemade Christmas cookies. Needless to say, it's highly anticipated and one of my favorite traditions of the season! Here's a look at this year's visit!


stephanie said...

you look adorable even in an ugly christmas sweater!!! i've never been to one :(

Candice said...

Thanks, Stephanie!! Oh they're so fun, you'll have to go or host one of your own! :)

Julia D. said...

I'm so curious about your friends visiting you as gingerbread men: is this something they do for all your group of friends or just you? It sounds like such a sweet tradition!

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