5 Ways to Achieve Anything In Life

Whoa, sounds too good to be true? Try applying these to your life, and you'll be surprised at what you will accomplish. Let's take a look..

1. Know your strategy: Begin with the end in mind, and set a goal of where you want to be, what you want to achieve..etc. Most people start out their journey with a vague concept, and wonder why they never end up with the results. Next, plan out your plan of action to get there! Case in point: if you want to get into better shape, begin with your end result, back it up to a monthly plan, then a weekly workout schedule, and add details like meal plans and water consumption. Have a strategy and you'll already be farther along the pathway to success.

2. Fight distractions: Let's face it, it's easy to get---hey, have you read my story yet? Click here to read more!-- Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, right, distractions. When you're tracking for success, don't be surprised if all kinds of things seem to come out of the woodwork to distract and de-rail you. They may be outright distractions, or they may be good things, but you'll have to ask yourself "Is this helping me to accomplish my goals and dreams?" If not, then leave it alone and move on. Fight any feelings of doubt and keep on going.

3. Stay Focused: Ask any one of the most decorated and celebrated athletes, or anyone who has accomplished something great and they'll always tell you that the pathway to achievement took a lot of focus. People and things can be distractions and sometimes misleading in terms of tracking to reach your goal. Continue to be committed, show up to that morning practice/workout/meeting or put in those extra minutes at the gym/office/in the books. Don't judge yourself solely on the results along the way, judge your commitment to the activity...if you are committed and focused, the results will begin to follow.

4. Speak What You Want: Why is it that we tend to talk a lot about what we dislike, don't want, can't change? If you can't change it or don't like it, don't talk about it! Simple, yet powerful concept here. Self-talk has the power to make us well or sick, cause us to achieve or fail, and can change your life for the better if you embrace it from the positive perspective. What DO you want? Talk about what you want because you'll always get what you expect. Believe in yourself, stay positive and forget about the negative thoughts and actions. Be your own best cheerleader. Success begins by believing it within.

5. Celebrate: When you make progress, celebrate it! The world needs more happy, motivated people, and what better way to encourage and propel you forward than to celebrate the victories in life?! Get a faster time in training? Celebrate! Received a promotion? Celebrate! Made it a certain amount of days with consistency in a particular area of life? Celebrate that. It's always better to encourage yourself and others by rejoicing in the good things and forward progress toward your goal.

As we move toward summer, it's easy to switch into lazy mode, but challenge yourself to use your time effectively, and take a moment to set some goals to work for. It will make your life far more fulfilling and exciting, promise! You can do it.


Kerri GWAL said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result of this list for you! :) Hugs!

2blondie said...

I love that you included 'celebrate!' Every once in a while I forget how important it is to celebrate small successes and how motivated it makes you feel to continue pushing forward. Nice list!

Candice said...

Yay!! Thanks, girl! You are such a great encourager! Xo

Candice said...

Yes! It's such an important, yet often overlooked part of the process!

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