Mermaid Life

As an avid ocean-enthusiast and mermaid at heart, I fell in love with this darling tank
from the fabulous SS x Eluxe collection While I've enjoyed it through the summer weather, it's not something I want to stash away upon fall's arrival, so I decided to style it for the transitional temperatures. A colorful cardigan and black skinnies take the tank from beachy to polished, and I paired it with some jewelry in ocean-colored hues as well as a buttery, caramel-colored bag to finish the look. For those of us who live in an endless summer, this is a great way to transition those well-loved, warm weather pieces into cool, fresh looks for fall. How do you wear your summer staples into autumn?


Kerri GWAL said...

You're so CUTE sweetie!!! I love aqua blue (swoon, favorite color), and the whole thing together is perfect. And hello... loving all the accessories. The bag is new Lilly right? I saw that...eek! and the ring is fabulous too. Everytime I buy new jewelry I seem to gravitate towards that color. Hugs girly! Love you!

Candice said...

Thank you!! I love aqua blue also; it looks good on everyone!

That ring is Larimar stone; you can find it in the Caribbean, and the necklace is from Savvy Clothing
Here's the link! PS: it's on sale too!

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