Spaces Between

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I can picture it so vividly that the sound of breakers crashing on the rocky cliffs below is almost faintly heard. One of my favorite moments was standing on the edge of the coast of the big island of Hawaii, wind blowing my hair, and watching the waves crashing below. There's something about the way that nature is untamed and unbridled that is absolutely mesmerizing. I could have stayed on that ledge for hours simply breathing in the salty ocean air and letting my mind wander off to beautiful places. Sometimes you come across those wildly beautiful, and almost magical places where your imagination can simply run free. When we're back at home, involved with the day-to-day activities of life, it's easy to forget about those spaces between daily activity--the glittering bits of heaven on earth--and simply slip back into routine. Perhaps it's a case of wanderlust, or the fact that I've been studying for so long lately, but oh how I enjoy looking at photos that remind me of the dreamlike places where your mind can do what it was created to do: enjoy beauty and praise God who made it.

The challenge is to find those moments, wherever you are, and enjoy them. Too often we are so quick to document them, or to view them through a lens, but stay in the moment. Drink up the beauty by being fully present. Maybe it's not a perch on a rocky coastline, but perhaps it's a conversation with a good friend, time with a loved one, a favorite song, moments curled up reading a good book, or a walk in the park. Whatever that space between the day's demands may be, find it and enjoy it. We need those moments of imagination and creative wandering. Take a deep breath and d r e a m.

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