Happy Monday, friends! Hope you have had a wonderful weekend! Things have been bustling and busy 'round here! I'm close to finishing up classes for a little bit, so I can understand the intensity that is felt by all students facing exam week. (We can do this!) One of my favorite things to do this holiday season is to take a minute, amidst the Christmas hustle and bustle, and simply reflect on all the wonderful moments and memories from throughout the year. I've got to admit that I was reminded again to do this kind of thing when I started looking back through the photos saved on my computer, and the things shared on my Instagram account. There's a lot of happy memories in life, and it can be easy to simply forget them in the middle of the busy seasons. It is refreshing for the soul to reflect and remind ourselves of the many blessings we've been given. Being a person that constantly has multiple projects underway at once, it is beneficial for my creative process to be willing to simply think, enjoy and create. I hope that you, too, challenge yourself to take a moment to reflect...maybe even jot down a list of 5 things you're grateful for, some happy memories or a few of your accomplishments from the year. It's amazing to see how something so simple can totally change your perspective. Let's reflect on the good things, shall we?
Have a great week ahead!


theano said...

Hi dear!!! such an amzing combination! love that shirt with this kind of blue jeans!! great!! Im now following you via gfc!! hope you can visit mine and follow me too! kisses!

Candice said...

Thank you! So glad you're following along! x

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