Counting Stars

I have always loved the stars. When I was a little girl, my parents bought me a telescope so I could gaze at the sparkling constellations scattered among the inky black sky. Ever since, I've found the night sky to be one of the most beautifully captivating things. Stargazing is a favorite of mine, and I have many fun memories of watching stars with friends. I can recall counting the shooting stars on a summer night, or bundling up in blankets on a soccer field in the early hours of the morning to watch meteor showers, to creating a patchwork of sleeping bags in an open field to watch stars until everyone fell asleep. 

What is it about sparkling stars that intrigues us so?

I, for one, am reminded to look up. Too often we spend much of our lives looking down. Whether that be for technology, low self-confidence, or perhaps even arrogance, we are found looking down. Stars remind me to look up, realize the beauty around me, and (as cheesy as it sounds) to shine. One star cannot completely light up the night sky alone, but when they are all shining together, the atmosphere is illuminated with beauty. In the same way, we are each given beauty, talents, and abilities to be shared with the world. Your talents and abilities are necessary to make the world brighter. The world needs your brilliance. Don't forget to shine. Stars also remind me that I am very small...but in the best way possible. It's easy to think about all the things going wrong, the problems in society, the drama in life, and the more we focus on them, the bigger they become. When you think about how vast the universe is, and the incredible brilliance of a star that is millions of light years away, yet still shines bright enough for us to catch a glimpse of it's beauty...suddenly we can put things into a new perspective. Our problems are small compared to the size of the galaxy, and even smaller compared to the Creator of the universe. Why, then, do we forget to trust Him to help us with our concerns? It is then that I am reminded to, not only enjoy the moment of feeling small, but also be reminded that even though I am just one person in the span of eternity, God's love is such that He would have gone through everything to redeem my one life. Wow. Suddenly the problems of this world pale in comparison to the beauty and depth of God's grace. I, once again, uncurl my fingers from the tight grip of control I have on my life, and place it in His hands. B R E A T H E. 
I hope the next time you get a chance, you take a moment to get out and gaze upon the stars. Enjoy both their brilliance and beauty, but also remember to look up, shine, and put things into perspective. It truly makes a world of difference. As Sarah Williams once said, "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."


Brisni said...

So good. :)
Love the quote at the end too.

When I saw the photo on instagram, I immediately thought of the soccer field too, and our own "chapel service" that morning. ❤

Candice said...

It's such a great quote!
Yes!! Such a fun memory..what was it, like 36 shooting stars that morning?!

Brisni said...

Yes! Something like that!

Good times. :)

Jaclyn Letizia said...

Amen! You are so right about the size of our problems. I always try to take a deep breath and remind myself of that when my anxiety kicks in.


Candice said...

Isn't it amazing how much a perspective shift can help us to remember what is most important? :)

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