Konfetti Colors

It's officially Spring, everyone! I love this time of the year, as all the trees, flowers, and bushes are blooming with color, days are beginning to get longer, and the skies are often a brilliant shade of blue, illuminated by lots of sunshine. When spring arrives, the first thing I am reminded of is...color! Time to put away all the shades of black and grey, and move toward happy hues. Since the weather has been so nice, it's been great to be outside, and I've done a lot of biking lately. This darling skirt from Shop Konfetti's Spring collection is so perfect for spring days, whether you're running errands, lounging at a fabulous resort, soaking up the sun on spring break, or exploring on a bike. Pink and turquoise are my two favorite colors, so this was an obvious must-have, and it's a light cotton fabric which is breezy and cool when the temperatures start rising. Pick one up here, and shop the whole adorable collection here! Happy Spring!

p.s. It was so fun to create a video lookbook for this post, and the first time I've done something like this for the blog. What are your thoughts? Want to see more of that around here? Let me know!

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