What's Your Why?

We all want to be successful in life. An important component of success is knowing what you stand for. One can look at any major company and easily come across their vision/mission statement, detailing exactly what the organization holds as important or as truth. What about you? So many of us drift through life, simply reacting to situations, yet never really defining what it is that we hold as valuable or consider to be truth in our life. A journey taken with no direction never accomplished anything of significant value.

Do you have a personal mission statement?
What is it that you believe you do that makes a difference to others and to mankind as a whole?
Or, in other words, why do you do what you do? What is the reason behind your actions?

The objective behind defining a mission is not the creation of goals, but rather life purpose. It is designed to direct and express your values and beliefs. It provides guidance and direction, not goals, although those will certainly compliment your mission statement. I think of it as a life map of sort. Your mission statement will and should grow and change over time. You will enter and exit various seasons of life, and discover new strengths and challenges within. In fact, you may take on several missions that coincide with the various areas of your life, so be open and ready for that.

"To live a mission requires that you realize you can make a difference in this world, and requires that you practice the strengths to fulfill your mission." (Marcus Buckingham, Soar With Your Strengths)

Challenge yourself to sit down for a few moments and write out a personal mission statement. What is it that you truly believe in? Why do you do those things that bring you greatest fulfillment? What do you hold to be truth or to have value in life? This activity provides the framework for increased success, clearer direction, and continued personal growth.

What's your why?

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