Style Diary: Open Water Cutout Dress

My calendar has been crammed with lots of activities lately, from celebrations to events and meetings, and everything in between. When I'm on the go, it's great to have a few looks or pieces at the ready so you can just throw one on and be out the door in a matter of minutes. This particular pair of caged heels has been everywhere, and they're also still comfortable after a few hours, bonus! 
This dress reminds me of the ocean with the varied shades of turquoise and blue, which already makes it a winner in my book. I also love the sliver of a playful cutout that's totally on trend, still tasteful, and adds interest. Add a pair of mirrored sunglasses and an oversized clutch on the way out the door and voila! Time to set sail!

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Unknown said...

This print is gorgeous!
xo, Syd

Candice said...

Thank you so much Sydney! :)

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so cute! Love the colors in the dress.

Candice said...

Thank you so much SweetandSimpleInspirations!

lisabenedikte said...

Keep coming back to this dress, love it! By far my favorite on your blog! Let me know if you ever need to thin out your closet, haha ;)

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