3 Ways to Boost Your Work Productivity

It's easy to get stuck in the same old routine of work, and we're often asked to do more in a shorter amount of time, am I right? If you're feeling like you need a little boost, much like a cup of coffee in the morning, here's a few quick tips that will help you seize the day and accomplish that extra task or assignment.

1. Set the right kind of goals.
Just because we have a "goal" doesn't mean that we're automatically set up for success, in fact, many people set goals the wrong way. Instead of looking backward at what we've been able to accomplish in the past, and setting goals from there, look ahead at what you could do if you were giving your very best to the task at hand. Set a goal that is measurable, specific, and attainable, but don't think too small! If a goal is important, you must write it down. Things will not come to fruition if you just keep them as nebulous good thoughts in your head, sorry. Write your goals down and put that card in a place where you can view it everyday. That card will serve as a daily reminder of where you are going, and the great things you're tracking towards!

2. Organize your day so you don't waste time.
Priorities, priorities! This is so critical to a productive and fruitful day. I'm talking about more than making sure you're getting your coffee in the morning. This is about scheduling your day to reflect what is most important, not necessarily what is most urgent. We're often in reaction mode, and we respond to the things that pop up and feel pressured to handle those tasks right away. I challenge you, the next time one of those appears, to evaluate the task or situation in terms of importance vs urgency. Not everything that is urgent is important. Invest your time working on the things of greatest importance and you'll find that your time becomes far more productive and valuable.

3. Get enough sleep and stay hydrated.
When life gets busy, it's easy to neglect things like enough sleep and water. Your brain functions better when the body is properly cared for. I know this sounds obvious, but it's easily forgotten. Instead of burning the candle at both ends, get. some. sleep. You'll find that your mind is sharper, more creative, and focused when it's well rested. The same concept applies to water. Most of us aren't drinking enough water. My suggestion? Keep a large bottle or two by your desk, and challenge yourself to refill it a couple times throughout the day? There's plenty of cute container options out there from sport bottles to glass containers, and even bottles with built in infusers that you can throw fresh fruit and mint leaves into (for those of you who think plain water is boring). When you're properly hydrated, you perform better. Trust me. Besides, you get a side benefit of a slimmer waistline and clear skin...what's not to like?

Have any other tips that help you stay productive? I'd love to know! 
Here's to a fantastic, successful week ahead!


Anonymous said...

Some very good tips! For me, I find if I get an early start to my day and tackle a hard or mentally tough task first I feel like my whole day is more productive. I'm a morning person so this works for me.

Bev @ Jerseys and Bow Ties said...

Quality over quantity!! Totally vibing with your first point about setting the right kind of goals. Sometimes I get the wrong things done once I have some "free time"... but the beauty of waking up in mornings is that you get to reset and start anew.

One thing that helps me stay productive is to actually set timeframes to whatever I'm doing. So if I want to ensure I blog, I set my mornings up as if it's an actual appointment.

Cheers to setting the right goals in life!

xo, Bev

P.S. Sorry if I'm a tad late, but I love your new blog, Candice!

Candice said...

Thanks, Bev!

Love the idea of setting things as appointments! That really helps with time management! I'm going to try that!


Candice said...

I'm such a morning person too, SweetandSimpleInspirations! It helps me to be way more productive on those tough things too!!

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