A Shift In Season & Perspective

Happy Labor Day and long weekend, friends! I hope you're enjoying some fun, sunshine, and time with good friends and family! For many, this is the wrap up of summer's golden glow and the official arrival of the fall transition. It will still be awhile until things cool down around here, but I have to say that I do love the way that the afternoon light has started to grow increasingly moody and rich as we move toward autumn. Every season has its beauty; the challenge for us is to go out looking for those beautiful details and moments. In my opinion, that's the way that life is too, isn't it? Each season of life brings changes, shifts in perspective, challenges, accomplishments, and lessons; however, each one also possesses a beauty that we must seek out. I often ask myself the question, 'Are you looking for the beauty in your current life season?' I have to remind myself to be conscious of that because life has a way of hurrying us along, wishing for better things ahead. Don't rush ahead and miss it. Enjoy and embrace the beauty of this season, this moment...we only have it for right now. 

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