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Ok, so this post has been a long time coming, but the wait is over, yay! Continuing with last week's beauty theme, I decided to finally do a q&a post answering some of the frequently asked questions I get about my hair. If there's anything that I didn't answer in this post, leave it in the comments below, or send me a message on social media, and I'll be happy to answer it! Ok, let's dive in...

Where do you get your hair done?
I love the team at Nuovo Salon, and get my cut and color done there. My stylist is Scott, and he's one of the best in the industry! When looking for a good stylist, be sure to mention what your typical routine is like, your hair needs (volume, texture, moisture, etc.), and what you're looking for in a good cut or color. Read all about my salon experience at Nuovo here.

How do you curl your hair?
My favorite way to curl my hair is to use a clipless 1" barrel wand (regular, not tapered). I start by putting half of my hair up, and will take 1-2" sections of hair and wrap them around the wand, away from the face. If I'm going for more of a wave, I'll leave out the last 1/2" of hair to keep it straight, giving it a beachy look, rather than a more glamorous style curl. Once the bottom layer is done, I section the top layer off into 4 sections, leaving the front pieces for last since I don't do those in as tight of a curl. The important thing to remember is to not let the pieces immediately drop off the wand when you release. I usually hold the curl in my hand for a few seconds after taking it off the wand to allow it to start cooling in the shape. This technique helps keep my curls in tact for hours. Once everything has been curled, I'll decide to either flip my head over to loosen up the curl or run a wide-toothed comb through them. A quick dab of dry oil on the ends, a spritz of shine spray, and a light mist of hairspray helps to keep them in place.

What hair dryer and brushes do you use?
I've used many different dryers, some high end, and others from the drugstore, but I keep coming back to this one from Revlon. It's super simple, has a retractable cord which is great for storing when not in use, and I always use the additional attachment that it comes with. My hair's texture is very curly, so I dry it using a big round brush to give it smoothness and manageable volume. Typically, I let my hair air-dry for about 15 minutes before I start working on it with a dryer. Before I dry my hair, I always use this leave-in conditioner, a little heat protectant, and run this tangle-taming brush through it. If my hair needs a little extra smoothness, I use this and this from the Aveda line that helps to keep things from getting frizzy or wild.

Do you get highlights or base color? What color is your natural hair?
I don't get a base color, but I do get highlights! My hair is naturally blonde, but over time it's gotten darker, so I keep my natural color as the base and get a partial highlight to keep things looking light and bright!

What shampoo & conditioner do you use?
I love Aveda products and use both the Blue Malva and Color Conserve lines. They keep my hair looking and feeling healthy and strong, and as a bonus they smell SO good. If you are a blonde, Blue Malva will be your best friend! I highly recommend it! Typically, I'll use the Blue Malva once a week, just to keep the color in check and avoid any brassiness, and the other times I'll stick with Color Conserve.

What dry shampoo do you recommend for light hair that doesn't look super chalky?
Dry shampoo is the best, especially when you've got limited time in the morning, or want a quick refresh after a workout. After trying a few, my favorite is by Batiste. It is lightweight and doesn't leave behind a chalky residue on your strands. The tropical scent has a slight hint of coconut and isn't overpowering. To salvage my blowout after a workout, the trick is to quickly dry any sections that may need it, section the hair off, spray dry shampoo on the roots, and leave it for about 5 minutes before using your fingers to massage it into the hair. Do a simple brush through the strands to finish blending it and voila!

As I mentioned, if there's any additional questions, leave them in the comments or send me a message on social media! I've linked all the products I love and use below for you! Here's to good hair days ahead! ;)

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