How I Achieve My Goals Every Month

It's almost February which means it's close to the end of the month. One thing that really helps me to stay focused and achieve my goals is to do a check-in around this point. I thought I'd let you in on the process in case you want to use these for your own progress!

1. I start each of these checkpoints by writing out my goals for the year as well as the goals I had for the month. By writing them out, I am able to clearly see what my overall vision is and can begin to quantify my progress for each one.

2. For each of my monthly goals, I list the 2-4 action steps I've taken to achieve the goal or progress I had set out to accomplish.

3. For each of the yearly goals, I look at the progress made in that month and check to see if I am still on track for the goal or if there needs to be any modifications.

4. Next, I create action steps for the upcoming month's goals.

5. Finally, I celebrate the progress made, made a note of any lessons I learned that month, and check off any of the items on my yearly fun experience list (like a bucket list but more fun!) that I completed.

In addition to this process, I also go through and answer a list of progress-related questions which helps me plan out the right steps for each goal and keeps me laser focused throughout the month. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing a post on those! It's so important to make time for checkpoints. When we track our progress, it is much easier to actually achieve what we set out to accomplish. Challenge yourself to take a moment or two before the month ends and check in. Where are you on your goals, what needs to be done, what have you accomplished, and where are you going? Here's to great success!

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