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When I first began this blog, I wrote my inaugural post on the topic of inspiration that I had received from attending a particular conference where I was able to listen to global leaders and other standouts in many fields as they shared wisdom from the journey that led them to their success. It is so valuable to constantly be looking for ways to expand your thinking and challenge your limits to see what is actually possible if you're willing to try. Throughout the year, I invest time in personal growth and training whether that is in the form of a conference, certain books and podcasts, or other resources that challenge me to become better. I think we're always doing one of two things: getting better or sliding backwards. The ability to get better is not achieved without intentionality, and I can say from my own experience that investing time in your own growth is one of the most important investments we'll make. It is interesting that some years later (8 to be exact), here I am writing this post after having attended that same conference once more, and I am inspired and challenged to think differently and become a better version of myself. We all need those reminders from time to time. So I challenge you: What are you doing to push yourself to expand your thinking, change your perspective, and become the best version of yourself possible? 


Felicity said...

Love this! Sometimes I find it hard to focus on ways to invest in myself but this post was a wonderful reminder!
Happy Monday!

Felicity |

Candice said...

Thanks, Felicity! So glad you enjoyed the post!

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