From the Kitchen: Summer Recipes

Summer is my favorite season for many reasons, some of them being the ease of outdoor entertaining and the bountiful fresh fruits and veggies that are oh so sweet this time of year! With the first day of summer just around the corner, I've rounded up a few recipes that I'm looking forward to making. Think grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream, easy salads, and refreshing drinks. Getting hungry? Me too...let's dive in!
Is there anything more tropical and summer-like than the delightful combination of coconut and mango? Muffins are the perfect grab-and-go option on a busy day, or I've even made a batch and packed them for a snack on a travel day. This recipe is definitely on my 'must bake' list! 
Confession: I make a smoothie or smoothie bowl for breakfast about 98% of the time. Seriously. It's so much fun (and simple) to throw in a bunch of fresh fruit and blend with creamy yogurt or a splash of almond milk and protein powder. In the summer heat, I tend to stay away from hot breakfast food, so this makes for a quick, delicious, and refreshing option. 
A simple and refreshing combination that's similar to the Starbucks Pink Drink? Yes, please! I love adding coconut milk to smoothies and sauces to add a little creamy texture, and a little splash in this latte adds the right amount of delicate flavor. 
Summer is the best excuse to grill out as much as possible! The sweet corn and smoky grilled flavors tossed with fresh vegetables and spices make the perfect side dish or even an entree on it's own! It's one of those dishes you can make and enjoy for the week. Delish. 
This is a quintessential summer treat! I am a BIG fan of peaches, raw or grilled, and I simply can't resist the perfect pairing of juicy peaches and sweet vanilla ice cream drizzled in honey. It's the perfect dessert for summer days!

Got any favorite summer recipes? I'd love to hear! 

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