Purpose In the Present

It is always at this point in the year, that transition between summer and fall, in which I find myself reflecting on all that has happened and dreaming about what is yet to come. I was re-reading a post written around this time last year on seasons of life, and I think it is relevant (for me at least) once again. You see, there's often this desire to be farther ahead--to wish for what is to come, whether that's an exciting event, a holiday, a special age, or even just the weekend. I think about the dreams, goals, and great plans of all the things I want to do and realize it's easy to miss what's happening in the now. It is important to plan ahead and to set goals. I'm reminded, however, that it is in the present--the current season--that there are still lessons to learn, moments to celebrate and enjoy, and space to grow. Perhaps you find yourself in that same place, ready to leap into a new season or wanting to know what comes next, but may this reminder be one for you as well:

There is purpose in the present. 

Don't rush through life, so focused on what's to come, that you miss what's happening right now. Every season of life has value, has a purpose, and is brimming with potential. We must choose to embrace it, learn from it, and decide to be present. Be open, be teachable, be content (and not complacent), for there are things that you must learn now that will be of value you to you in the seasons to come. I am reminded of Jim Elliot's wise words, "Wherever you are, be all there."

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