5 Month Anniversary Giveaway!

Hello my dear friends!

Blow up the balloons, throw the confetti and pour the sparkling cider! Today marks the 5 month anniversary of my blog Teatime Thoughts! I truly appreciate all of the lovely comments and advice that you have shared with me, and for the opportunities that I have had so far to share with you! I want to celebrate today with a giveaway! As many of you may know, I am a dancer, and many times for performances, we are required to wear headpieces as part of our costume. I have made headpieces for multiple performances, and decided to giveaway one for one of my lovely readers! (These are all spring-style barrettes)

Summer Roses

Autumn's Breeze


To enter, just leave me a comment below with your name, which one you want and email so I can contact you if you are chosen! Giveaway ends on Thursday, Aug 19th!

Happy Anniversary to Teatime Thoughts! Many more outpourings of written life ahead!




char said...

happy anniversary to your blog, dear candice! these headpieces look so lovely and delicate... did you really make them?? you're so talented!
thank you so much for your comment... i appreciate it more than i can say :)


Kristin said...

Hi Candice! It's so nice to meet you-happened upon your blog from another blog I follow. Love your title, the pink, and your sweet personality! I'm a dancer too (although a "rusty" one in unhappy retirement), and it was so fun to find we had that in common! Hope you're having a lovely day so far! ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

Brittany. said...

5 months already!? I remember when you just started this blog! My my, how the time does fly. Well, felicidades, love. You're already doing giveaways! And they all look spectacular. I do believe Summer Roses is my favorite. (And probably would be my mom's favorite too! haha) Hope whoever gets them really enjoys it! Love ya <3

paislea said...

oooh!!! i love these!! they're so cute! what a fun giveaway! i LOVE the Masquerade! it's so lovely!!!


♥ pea-ess. thanks for following!


a girl with a smile said...

I don't want to participate (it wouldn't be fair being your friend and all, lol), but I love this! happy 5 months!!! May the writing keep flowing from your beautiful heart.

Julia said...

Happy Anniversary:)

paislea said...

I got my hairpiece in the mail just a few days ago! And i'm in love with it! it's so cute!!!! thank you so much!!!


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