Five Things I Love

Hello, Hello!

I came home from dance today and immediately slipped on a pair of lavender scented fuzzy socks onto my aching feet; it got me thinking about things that I consider I decided to make a list of a few things that I absolutely love.

1. Fuzzy socks. (especially the scented kind!) These things are like heaven for your feet! Being a dancer, I truly appreciate the foot comfort factor, and they can keep your feet quite warm! Pick up a cute pair at Bath and Body Works 

2. SoftLips Chapstick: This is an all-time favorite thing of mine! I buy multiple packs and put one in every handbag, backpack and dance bag that I have. It smells, feels and tastes so good, and the small, thin size is perfect for travel!
3. Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear Hairspray by John Frida : This has the perfect balance of staying power and touchable feel. It works for any hair color and type (not just blondes!).
4. Biore Ultra deep cleansing pore strips: I tend to get blackheads in the t-zone area, and these things are just fantastic and clearing that up, and quickly too! You'll start to see a difference after about 1-2 uses!

5. Earrings: Personally, I think that earrings, when worn correctly, can be the most flattering and feminine piece of jewelry. My sister is quite good at making jewelry, and luckily, I get tp benefit from that! All of her designs are done with gold, sterling silver and, if used, Swarovski crystals Perhaps, I'll do a giveaway sometime of a pair that she's made...
(Yes, she did make these!)

I can think of a ton of other things, but I'll save them for another post..I'd love to hear about some of your favorite things! Leave a note if you like!




Unknown said...

i love fuzzy socks! i didn't know they came scented, that sounds fabulous. when i was dancing like crazy i wore them all the time. your blog is adorable!

Candice said...

Oh they are quite fabulous, Emma! Thank you so much :)

Lisa said...

SoftLips Chapstick is wonderful:) and thank you for sending me some!! ;D The photo of the earrings are beautiful - both the picture and the earrings look professional!!! :)

Candice said...

Lisa, I know it's fantastic! You're quite welcome :) thanks! she makes beautiful things that are fun to take pictures of!

Camilla said...

those earrings are lovely :) xx

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