Thursday's Thoughts

Hello everyone!

Gracious it's been a whole week since my last post..I'm so sorry! It's one of those 'learning curve' type of schedule adjustments here with time management. Let's see..what's new around here since we last talked?
Here's a few random things..and I've taken on a new project that I'll let you know more about later!

My sister has a friend from China and she wrote my name out for me (at least how she thinks it would be translated since my name is not easily translated) Doesn't it look so cool?? I am really wishing to learn another language. I'd like to look into French, Norwegian or possibly Korean. Spanish is the most practical, but I didn't really have a passion for it when I took it through high school.
A new haircut and some highlights always makes one feel so pretty! :)
Sorry, you can't really tell the color, but I didn't like the picture as much in regular color haha

I've finished up my room redecoration (although I think it's always a work in process..finding cute things to go here and there!) Please excuse the mess under my desk..that's my next project! haha

Funny story about that princess pillow: I picked it up a thrift store, and when I purchased it, the cashier said, "You're not buying this for your own room, right?" I just smiled.."Of course!" (What? I think it's cute!!)
I came into my room after going to grab a bite to eat, and this is what I saw... Just so you know who really writes these posts!
What can I say? He works hard! I didn't want to disturb him, so I did some reading instead...
Sidenote: he wasn't posed..he honestly loves to sit like this! Crazy, I know!

New reading material!! I just love new books!
Wanting to do some more of this...been so busy lately!! I finally got film for my polaroid 600! Yahoo! I'll have to take that out for a spin soon!
Well, until next time, I've got some reading to do.
Hope all is well with you! I love keeping up with all of you wonderful writers and friends!

"God is able to make every grace overflow to you, so that in every way, always having everything you need, you may excel in every good work."
2 Corinthians 9:8

I am freed to know that my God is huge, and my God is able. So I know if I don't get what I asked from Him, if I cooperate, I'll get something bigger. I'll know that a greater "yes" is in progress. (excerpt from A Quick Word with Beth Moore)

If you're going through something and feel like God is not answering the way that you expected, be prepared and obedient because something BIG is around the corner!!




Unknown said...

Your hair looks great! Shame we can't see what the highlights look like though. And your cat is ADORABLE! ^____^

Mikelle Jade said...

I love the haircut! It's way cute! and the pictures of your cat are amazing... the first one of the cat should be on a card or something :)

paislea said...

your room is so cute. your hair is so cute. and your kitty is SO cute!!!!!! i love it!

Roadrunner said...

I love your hair ♥ And your room is really cute, and the cat too ♥

Manuella said...

your new haircut it fits you great!i love your cat it is so sweet and about the post is great! i love your blog

check mine and maybe follow it if you want.xoxo

a girl with a smile said...

Splenda!! You look lovely. Would liek skype with you soon. I have to tell you, I laughed when I saw the pillow. It's a perfect fit for you! I can't wait to see your room fully finished, it looks great so far. Let me know of any book recommendations.
Oh, and Tanner is adorable. I can't believe he actually sits like that.

Candice said...

aww thank you everyone! you're making me smile with all of your compliments :) you're so kind!!

Rinny: perhaps I'll post another picture so you can see the actual color in an upcoming post!

Rohini said...

Your hair is so pretty! :)

Emilie said...

Aaaauw your cat is so cute!!


visit me? :)

Julia said...

AW! You've got the cutest cat on earth:D

Betsey said...

ooh my this post is so so perfect!
you are so gorgeaus! i love your hair!
your cat is adorable, it is so funny that he actually sits like that! so cute!
i LOVE your room!!! Your desk area looks like a lovely place to work and blog -- so creative and inspiring.
and gotta love big piles of books!

Candice said...

thank you girls!
Betsey, yes it's very fun and creative mood inspiring :) I love it!

Pearl said...

Those are some great books!
Thanks for sharing..I think I'm about to go to the Library and rent some for our trip.


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