5 Things This Week

5 Things this week:

1. Closet is officially clean. I may or may not have found 32 pairs of pants in there...maybe. I also discovered the necessity that is a steamer..does anyone else hate ironing things as much as I do? Like seriously...

2. Ordering all of my books for my final semester (yay!), and perhaps a fun read or two also..

3. Apple Walnut crumble served a la mode in addition to a tiny pot of Orange Spice tea in a tiny 2nd level of a old wooden home now restaurant, lit by tiny white lights tucked into deep green vines..blissful to say the least.

4. Finally getting some chilly weather which means sweaters, boots and leggings. Basically heaven. 

5. I would love for you to sponsor TeaTime Thoughts in January. I'm totally willing to work with you, and rates are low! Button swaps are also welcome :) {yes, shameless self-advertising...}

What's making your week wonderful? 


Ashten @ Just Go Left said...

Happy last semester to you! Good luck!

Devea said...

That outfit is so cute! seriously I am in dire need of cleaning my closet too. I should get on that before the new year starts!

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

gorgeous look! and how lucky are you that your closet is clean! i need to clean my asap!

Hope you are having great holidays :)


Fashion Fractions

Taylor said...

ah, where are you from?! chilly sounds good as opposed to frigid cold temps here in SE Pennsylvania.

... said...

I need to organize my closet really bad! :) I was so excited when it got cold enough to wear leggings and boots!!

Candice said...

@Taylor I live in the south..so we don't get much cold weather here :)

Unknown said...

It's amazing what you find when you clean out your closet, isn't it? :) haha! I'm doing a bit of New Year's cleaning today myself... Purging, I guess you'd call it. Closets, dresser, everything! Enjoy the boot-wearing weather!

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