Weekend Wanderings

It's time to finish up school, getting ready for finals week, attend a jewelry party, a bridal party luncheon for a friend, finish Christmas shopping, make an epic trip to the post office to mail out all of my gifts to people, and some much needed relaxation time. 

Hello, Weekend! 

What are you up to??


Mere said...

Fun but busy weekend for you! :) Enjoy it!
Mine is spent cleaning, doing laundry, unpacking more stuff from my move home from college, baking, birthday party for friend, church, massage, Christmas shopping. Seems weekends in December aren't complete without Christmas shopping! :)

... said...

Your hair looks so cute! :) You are on top of it with all of your shopping and shipping!

Sarah said...

That's a really lovely photo of you, Candice!

Ah your weekend sounds like loads of fun. Mine was spent on doing revisions, heading to the gym, spending some time at the boyfriend's new office, and family time. :)

Happy Sunday, darling. xx

Candice said...

Thanks, Sarah! :)
Happy Sunday to you also!

Shay said...

CUTE picture- hope you are enjoying your weekend:-)

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

This sounds pretty much like my weekend! With bridesmiad-dress-shopping and moving-house thrown in :)

Unknown said...

thats one hell of a weekend! aha i worked two 9 hr days and tried to get in some wrapping! had a work christmas party tonight - very nice. super busy time of year eh! happy comment love day, gonna go check out the rest of your lovely blog!

Sarah said...

Gosh, I hardly even remember my weekend! Sounds like yours must have been jam-packed. Did you survive it?

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

loving your hair my dear!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

LOVE your blog! so girlie, and gorgeous.

Im brand new to this but thought id say a hello!
follow eachother ?


Anonymous said...

Hello Candice! i just stumbled upon your blog via Sarah's blog!!!

Gotta say, you look goregous and i loved your list of 25 fave things:) Esp the decorating tree and taking photos part!!! I'll defo be back for more;)

Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

If you don't mind me asking, what is the jacket you are wearing? I love the color and collar detail.

Candice said...

Thanks! No I don't mind at all..it's from LOFT :) I got it on sale last year, although they should have some similar styles this season as well!

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