The Balancing Act: Guest Post from Fit, Fierce & Fabulous

I'm so happy to have the lovely and inspiring Cait here from Fit, Fierce & Fabulous! She's a great blogger, and has a lot of good advice! We all live busy lives, so I was really interested to hear from Cait on how to stay balanced! Enjoy!

Hi friends! I'm so excited to be featured here on the beautiful Candice's blog! I've only been a guest blogger on a few friends sites, so this is EXTRA special! Something that I really try and do in my life is balance everything. I feel like this question comes up a lot when attempting to juggle with every day tasks such as work, school, social life, homework, making dinner, errands etc.

If you're like me and pretend to play "super woman" every day, odds are you're not going to save the world every single time..reality.. you are going to crash at one point or another! But there are 3 tricks that I tend to do in order to make sure that I don't go completely insane!

1. Build "me" time into your schedule.
For me, I tend to jam pack 2398273897 329872873 2987239 (yes thats a REAL number haha) into my 24 hour..or rather 15 hour day. That usually doesn't mean a lot of time for "me". But within those hours, I know I need to take a break, relax and require that I focus on "me" for a little bit. That doesn't mean to take 2 hours of your day, but hey if you have the time go for it! In my case, I love to catch up on your blogs, or write down a few short little notes for an idea I have for a post!

Also- plan to do something exciting once a week! That could mean an outing with friends, a date night, or going on a trip! When you have something to look forward to, your week can go by like that!

2. Drop activities that zap your time!
In this case, my "activity" includes TV. Yes I'm a HUGE TV junkie and I pretend to be like my other friends who can do homework and have the TV on in the background. Well not this girl. I need it to be DEAD QUIET otherwise I can't get anything done! TV can be a "reward' of some kind or part of your "me" time as I stated earlier. Having total concentration and focus is what's key and it won't stress you out later when you look at the clock and yell "IS THAT THE TIME!"

3. Get moving!
Exercise always is a way to clear my head for about an hour. I'm an early bird (blame my father for that one!) and get up around 6:45 to get to the gym. By the time I'm done (around 8am) I'm ready to go with an attitude that say "Bring it on world!" Experts even say that boosts your energy levels and your ability to concentrate! If you don't belong to a gym, even a quick walk outside will do the trick! What about jumping jacks? Running up and down your stairs?
So how about it? Think you can handle doing any one of these 3 ideas to balance yourself? I'm sure your body will thank you later for it!


Anonymous said...

:) As I'm nearing graduation from our homeschool high school, I've been quite overwhelmed with everything I want to do....not even that, but what I know the Lord wants me to do...but this post really bolstered me today. Especially that its okay to have a little 'me' time. ;)

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

I have to tell you- since I recently moved I am watching MUCH less TV and I think I'm better for It. It's strange- because I really love TV. But it's been good for me. I recommended it. You can always catch up on your favorite shows online and it's much less time consuming without so many commercials. :)

That being said- I totally still love TV!

Mikelle Jade said...

awesome :)
inspires me to be more active. Work and school just consume too much time!

Meri said...

I think the busier I keep myself (well, within reason) the more I get myself into and the better I feel. I think I manage my time better when I have to think about it!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said...

Great guest post Cait! And BEAUTIFUL blog Candice:) Balance is key in everything, isn't it? I'm constantly rearranging my to-do list based on priority and when I became self-employed I had to schedule "me" time or I never had it. It's the only way to stay sane! Tara from Dashing in Pearls calls them "Mental Health Days" and is taking one today ...I'm thinking about doing it as well;) We all should!

caitlin said...

Thanks Jenn and thanks again Candice for letting me guest post :) you inspire me! xo

Candice said...

Thanks again, Cait! xoxo

Brittany said...

I definitely need to make more time for me! Cait-- you're awesome! love you girl!


As always great advice! I totally agree with the me time, thats why I am usually blogging or reading other blogs so late-after I get home from work about 11:30. I am trying to incorporate exercise in to my routine again and I am gonna try to get up and get it in before work. Of course I don't go into until either 12 or 3 so that shouldn't be a challenge. As always, you gave me something to think about!

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