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I am so happy to have one of my wonderful blog friends and sponsors here on Teatime Thoughts today! Not only is Aligna a talented artist, (go look at her Etsy shop!) she's also a busy momma to 4 kids and can make your skin look amazing for any occasion. Superwoman? I think so. I just know you'll love her. Make sure to stop by and say hello on her blog! Thanks, Aligna! xoxo
Hi my name is Aligna and I blog over at  Some Kind of ParadiseI am a stay at home mama of 4 kids who dabbles in a bit of everything from making pretty headbands and accessories on Etsy for my shop Jasmine and Violets , to using my skills as an Esthetician doing makeup for brides and such whenever I can! :) 
In this midst of all this, I'm trying to learn how to grow as a woman... to be the best ME 1st, then wifie, mom & friend, you get the picture. I read lots of books for this very reason alone!! I'm definitely one of those people who if I don't know how to do something, you bet I'll be reading the book about it:) I'm a girly girl who thrifts, likes fashion and relishes in Gods beauty all around me 

Yours truly the night before THE OPERA:))
Here's one of my NEW items I'm working on for the shop! aahh I love creating:)
                                                      Here's 5 fun things about ME:

1. When I was a little girl all I wanted to be when I grew up was a ballerina or a nurse, and I have my journal post from second grade to prove it.

2. I love cheese, dark chocolate and my red wine A LOT!! I run to support my habit:)

3. I am a annoying morning person I'm chipper and ready to go full blast into my day from the moment I open my eyes. And at least 3 of my 4 children are exactly the same.
I'm so proud!

4. I would rather spend money on enjoying an experience in life (like plays, live music, the opera) than on things...or not spend money at all just take a walk with  me lets chat & have some tea or a glass of wine and my heart soars!! 

5. I wear sunscreen everyday all year!! Its the best advice this Esthetician will give you for keeping your skin young & healthy. And drink your water too:)

I'm so happy to share a little bit of myself with you guys! I love meeting new bloggers and creative,
artistic people so come on over to my Blog and say hello!!

P.S. Thanks Candice!! I love following your 
 your such a beauty in and out :)


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Erin James said...

i love her! :) so cute and fun. Love that headband !

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