Memorial Mention

This photo doesn't necessarily have a whole lot to do with the reason we celebrate Memorial Day; however, the title that I won from that pageant, Miss Liberty, is representative of a concept for which we are all so grateful for: Liberty, which is better known to us as freedom. While many of us will celebrate this day with barbecues, family, beach days and boating, the true reason for our holiday is because of a sacrifice that some brave souls were willing to make. I am beyond grateful for the many men and women willing to put their life on the line for my freedom, knowing that they may never see their families and friends ever again. If that isn't selfless, brave and heroic, I don't know what is. I hope that at least once during your celebrations you'll give thought and thanks to those who were willing to give it all up so you can experience that liberty, that freedom you and I enjoy today. 

Happy Memorial Day. 
We Salute you. 



Unknown said...

You look amazing! And great post, today I am celebrating those who sacrificed for my freedom, including someone from high school who was recently severely injured while serving in Afghanistan.

Happy Memorial Day!

Jess said...

Beautifully said, girl :)
And you, of course, look fabulous!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sophie said...

happy memorial day candice! you look amazing in this photo :) x

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

You look drop-dead gorgeous!!
And thanks for this post!
It's a great reminder.
Have a wonderful holiday!

Taylor said...

its always good to pause and remember what liberty means! love your post and message <3

Melissa88Senick said...

Great post and a wonderful reminder. And of course, you look stunning! :)

Julia D. said...

Beautiful words, Candice. Too often we celebrate holidays without thinking out the true reason for their existence.

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