This time of year is always brimming over with social engagements, end of classes, birthdays and summer planning. It can be rather hectic, so it is of the utmost importance to me to find a way to disconnect, rest and recharge. Perhaps it is the fact that I am feeling the stresses of final exams of my college education beginning to creep in. Regardless of the calendar's reminders, it is important to schedule in some time for refreshing my spirit. Reading, watching the sunset, playing with my camera, seeing a friend for dinner and unplugging from technology for a day or so is in order I think. What do you do to recharge?


Niken said...

i know exactly what you're talking about. lack of sleep and all that. i feel refreshed now that i got a day off and time to sneak out to the blog world

Anonymous said...

I definitely pull the plugs and pretend that the world will miss me when I'm gone. Truth is, I'm not hahaha. But I need the rest more than it needs me.

I usually get my journal and some books to read. I also ask silence to accompany me.

Grace Wainwright said...

After (and sort of during) my final exams, I would make a trip to barnes and nobles and enjoy that. (I LOVE books). Or just go for a run. That always relieves my stress.

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Lindsey Madison said...

Somebody is GORGEOUS!!! <3 New follower of your blog! Follow me back, pretty please? :)


Julia said...

Lovely photo! And by the way, is this a new blog layout? I remember it looking different a few days ago...

Anyway, I hear ya about this time of the year filling up with different events. I already have all of my May weekends filled! Which is why I'm taking a breather and reading my book tonight.

Good luck and don't stress too much! :)

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