Weekend Wanderings

What a week..I still feel a little like I'm in a whirlwind of activity since being back; running errands, unpacking and reorganizing, as well as catching up on your lovely blogs since my absence.
(my Bloglovin account was only slightly frightening..triple digits, yikes!)
Weekend, I'm happily welcoming your arrival..now if only it would act a little like fall around here.. 87 and sunny in October..hmm guess that means some beach time isn't out of the question! Do you have anything exciting planned?

Happy Weekend, everyone! 


Unknown said...

Beach time?! Haha jealous :) This weekend is cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning weekend for me! So I will probably just be doing that! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Candice said...

@Rachel Lynne I need to do some of that too..hopefully I'll get to catch a sunset or two as well ;)

Jacqlyn said...

this image looks like something out of a dream. breath taking!

Alyssa said...

How gorgeous is that beach?! So jealous!

The Glossy Life

Julia D. said...

Stunning picture, Candice!

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