Session 2: Enjoy Life {Nicole}

I remember immediately liking Nicole the minute she walked into the cafe to meet me for brunch. It's always a little interesting to meet someone you've only talked to via blogs, email and twitter, but her big smile and genuine kindness assured me she was truly as delightful as she seemed in the blog world. She's one of my favorite girls to keep up with, and soon she'll be the beautiful mama of a precious little one. I know you'll love Nicole as much as I do, and enjoy hearing what she has to say about enjoying life! Be sure to stop by her blog and say hello! --C
Hi everyone! I'm Nicole and I blog over at Busy Girl :)  I'm a 20-something Clevelander with a love of photography, peaches, sunshine and the sea.  I'm currently growing a human - he should be making his arrival next month if all goes according to plan :)

I'll be brutally honest here - these last few months have not been the greatest for my family.  My husband had surgery on his knee, we had a scare with our dog (which thankfully turned out to be just a case of the sniffles) and on top of all this, I haven't had the easiest time being pregnant.  Apparently lack of sleep is my Achilles heel.  Between these events and simple things like needing to replace the brakes on my car, well, it's easy to start each morning with the attitude of 'what is going to go wrong today?'

Sure, sometimes life isn't easy.  But that doesn't mean it holds less beauty, less happiness or less joy.  When I found myself starting to dwell on the negative, I started a grateful journal.  Each night I wrote down at least three things that I caught myself smiling about throughout the day.  The way my dog just couldn't get to the door fast enough when I walked into the house.  Treating myself to Starbucks on a particularly tiring morning.  Watching my husband proudly take a few steps without crutches.  Dreaming about the smell of spring in the air.  Hearing my baby's heartbeat.  Painting my nails a cheerful color.  Soaking in the warm sunshine on my face.  Feeling invigorated, inspired, motivated by simple things, big things, any thing.
This journal changed my life.  I found myself waking up each morning without dreading the day ahead.   Feeling less burdened by the challenges we've been facing and approaching life with a more positive attitude.  I felt inspired to create, to reach out to friends, to take the time to enjoy life's little moments.  These moments will revive you, ignite you and give you a new outlook on life.  Enjoy the beauty around you, even if it's in something as simple as a cup of Earl Grey in a pretty mug.

Because really.  Who doesn't love pretty mugs?



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jbruner said...

I love the theme of Project Inspired. Nicole's quote is so true! Today I'm taking 10 minutes to savor my cup of tea on this chilly spring morning and spending a little time dreaming of Warm spring days!

nicole said...

awww thanks for having me Candice, love you girl!!!!! xoxo

Jess said...

Loved this post :)
Can't wait to go check out her blog!
You're the best, girl!


Jeneric Generation said...

Great post! I always find that just writing in my journal in general gives me a better outlook on life. Whenever I get anxious or worried, I try to say a prayer of thankfulness instead. Remembering God's blessings to us puts everything in perspective.

Julia D. said...

I feel like this is an idea that has been popping up everywhere lately, which is awesome because it is such a great one. Thanks for sharing your positive experiences, Nicole!

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