On Love & Other Thoughts

I just wanted to meditate on this thought for a few moments. Often times we can get caught up in life's ups & downs, and we allow others to determine our worth and importance, forgetting the truth of our true value. God, being the creator of the universe, could have had (and has) everything at his disposal, yet still He created and longed for relationship with us; true love was displayed from the beginning. God is love, and God loves you. While I don't know what you're currently going through or facing in your life, I do know this: you are valued & loved beyond your wildest dreams, by the one who created you, and He longs to be loved by you. Regardless of the mistakes you've made and will make in the future, this love is not conditional...you cannot do anything to make Him stop loving you
Wow, what a concept. I hope you realize how important you truly are. 

Have a wonderful day!


Katherine said...

Love this quote! Thanks for sharing :)


Bev said...

LOVE this message. Thank you dear friend.. for always splashing a bit of His Word on your blog, which is one of the many reasons I love it!

Things will not go as we plan... and we'll most certainly reach some high's and LOW's... but in the midst of it all.. nobody can ever take away Christ's love for us.

Stesha said...

such a great reminder Candice! Thanks for sharing!


Unknown said...

Such a wonderful reminder! And always needed :) Have a beautiful day friend!

Julia D. said...

Love everything about this! Thanks for the reminder!

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